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Barry Brings the Melting Pot Together

By: Sophia Sharos

For Barry’s annual homecoming week activities, the Festival of Nations took place Feb. 12.

And from 1-5 p.m., students could enjoy live performances, cuisine from all around the world, and learn information about each of the countries that were represented.

To start the festival off, a passport was given to students and faculty to get “stamped” when they visited each country’s booth. The countries included Saudi Aribia, St. Martin, Jamaica, Japan and others.

KOTR Konpa Haitian Dance Studio

Each booth featured either a popular food or drink from that country and some sort of small activity or information about the country.

Cuba boasted its famous cortaditos, Japan encouraged an activity involving chopsticks, and Saudi Aribia offered patrons Ma’amul, which are beautiful shortbread cookies that are stuffed with dates and nuts.

Saudi Arabian student Abdulaziz Shuftai, who is studying English at Barry University, was very grateful to express his nationality to his fellow students of Barry.

Shuftai and his other friends performed a men's sword dance known as the “Arda” on the stage at the festival.

“I am very happy to represent my country in this festival. Bringing a flavor of Saudi Arabia to Barry was nice to see,” said Shuftai.

Students enjoyed engaging in different cultures from around the world. Barry is one of the most diverse college campuses in the nation and highlighting the cultures was enlightening.

Junior, Marivi Querales, a Biology major at Barry, is Venezuelan and appreciated seeing the different cultures that came out to represent their countries.

“I loved the diverse performances of singing and dancing put on by different groups while walking around and enjoying the food as well. The countries were well represented by the food provided and the information taught at the stands,” she said.

The live performances at the event included belly dancers, flamenco dancers and a mariachi band, which filled the stage with colorful and enthusiastic performances.

Bolivia Magica Folklorico Non-Profit Organization

Once students filled out their passport from each country, they could get a food voucher to eat from the food trucks provided or other homemade food offered by the other countries.

Overall, this event showcased and highlighted the different cultures that make up Barry University as a whole.

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