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Barry’s Specialization in I/O Psychology Program is Among the Best in the Country

by Ana Carolina Aguiar

Barry University’s psychology BS- specialization in industrial/organizational psychology (I/O psychology) was named one of the top 10 programs in the United States in December by the website Organizational Psychology Degrees.

Ranked in seventh place, this nomination puts Barry University in a prestigious position because the website evaluates the best programs for future college students’ research.

The I/O psychology specialization is the branch of psychology related to the mental health of workers in the workplace. Barry offers this option for psychology students who want to focus their career on the relationship between companies and their employees.

To rank the best programs, the website’s methodology consists of gathering information from the National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator.

Initially, all accredited colleges were identified that offered a bachelor’s in I/O psychology. Then, they reviewed each program and determined whether the top programs held regional accreditation, were taught by expert faculty, and offered courses specifically in I/O psychology consistent with the demands of the industry.

There is a huge demand for employees with I/O psychology training by human resource departments, learning and development fields, medical environments and safety fields.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that employment in industrial-organizational psychology is expected to grow by 8 percent until 2026.

Professor Guillermo Wated sitting on the desk smiling

Business executives are aware of the impact that individual employees can have on the overall success of the company, making the unique skill acquired from industrial and organizational bachelor’s in psychology degree very valuable.

Barry offers students a faculty of experts with an interdisciplinary approach like Dr. Guillermo Wated, coordinator of the I/O specialization at Barry.

“The I/O Psychology specialization is a joint effort with the Andreas School of Business, which highlights the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration needed to excel in today’s academic environment,” he said.

Chair of the psychology department Dr. Frank Muscarella said he is also very honored.

“Personally, I am very happy for the recognition,” said Dr. Muscarella. “It shows that Barry University in general and the psychology department are offering a curriculum that not only educates students but prepares them for employment in a very exciting field.”

Alissa Lopez, a senior majoring in psychology, expressed how happy she is for the recognition.

“Professor Wated is very passionate about teaching all of his psychology classes so I think it’s great that they awarded that specialization because it reflects the great professors we have,” said Lopez.

With this award, Barry demonstrates its excellence in the field of psychology and through interdisciplinary collaboration that is necessary to prepare graduates for successful careers.

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