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Barry Student Featured on MSNBC, Now Questioning Joe Biden

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

By Anna Galaktionov

This week, MSNBC interviewed Mateo Gomez, the political staff writer at The Buccaneer,about the presidential debate and the network has requested that Gomez askJoe Biden a question when he touches down in Miami for the next debate.

After the Sept. 29 broadcast of the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden, Gomez was asked his opinion as a young, undecided voter.

Gomez, who graduated from Barry in May with a degree in political science and broadcasting and is now pursuing a master’s degree in business, responded that it was “such an unpresidential event” and “a crazy show.”

“And it’s not even talking about politics, just leaving politics aside, that was extremely disrespectful,” he said.

Gomez is torn between the two candidates. 

He likes Trump’s tax policies but is uneasy about his policies on healthcare and immigration. 

He was asked whether the debate leaned him in the direction of either candidate and he replied, “Not at all.”

However, when asked if he had to vote tomorrow, he said that he would probably vote for Biden. 

He is currently waiting for the VP debate to see if that event would help make up his mind. 

Now, the 22-year-old Gomez will be questioning Biden at the Town Hall from the perspective of a Generation Z-er.

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