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Barry Students Can Work at Doctor’s Charter School

By Liz Calvo

Finding a job can be stressful, especially when you are fresh out of college with student loan debt to pay. Thankfully, those interested in teaching have the option of working at Doctor’s Charter School (DCS) only three minutes away.

While only being in operation for 15 years, DCS promotes the mission of creating a positive environment for students to develop knowledge and promises to create leaders who will spark change.

DCS was established as the Miami Shores-Barry University Charter School on school grounds in the mid-1990s with the cooperation and contribution of the Adrian Dominican School of Education.

Dr. Jill Farrell, dean of the school of education, said that Barry has always been dedicated to helping different schools in the area.

“Doctor’s Charter School is a member of the community learning partnership (CLP). They are one of several partner schools that we work with in the greater Miami Shores area,” said Dr. Farrell.

That explains why Barry and DCS have always had a symbiotic relationship.

DCS students can take dual enrollment courses at Barry and use those credits later in their collegiate journeys. DCS students can also use Barry sports facilities and science labs. Barry’s auditorium always hosts the DCS graduation ceremony.

In return, DCS helps Barry students.

Students at Barry can gain valuable access to teaching internships at DCS and many students have taken advantage of this option to gain experience before fully committing to the teaching profession.

Former Barry student and current teacher at DCS, Acey Powell, said that this is a great supplement to Barry curriculum.

“There isn’t a single educational class taught that can prepare you for everything in your first year of teaching,” said Powell. “Some things you will learn only through experiences that are cultivated from your classroom.”

Powell also explained that the DCS working opportunity had a hand in helping her find her passion.


“I want to say thank you to Barry and DCS for the abundant opportunities that help children gain knowledge, grow mentally and physically and aid them in becoming great leaders for tomorrow,” said Powell.

Randy Morales, another former Barry student and current coach at DCS, also benefitted from the Barry-DCS relationship.

“While working at DCS, I have had the ability to express my creativity, grow as an educator, and have the professional support that anyone would want,” said Morales.

DCS director Dr. Kelly Andrews encourages Barry students to apply to work as teachers, no matter their field.

Barry students not only have the option of working at the school but can do so while still studying to obtain their teaching license.

“If you are a teacher who has studied a subject, wish to teach, but don’t have your education degree, as a charter school, we can hire you with a three-year temporary license until you get your teaching license, so you’re learning to be a teacher while on the job,” said Dr. Andrews.

For Barry students who wish to find out more about this opportunity, there is information on the DCS website. There is a link that will direct you to the application portal.

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