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Barry U Student Exposes Himself

By Anna Galaktionov

A Barry female student woke up on Sept. 20 at 4:30 a.m., disturbed that the lights in her dorm room were on. She was startled to see Barry student Georg Simon Trompler with his penis exposed, according to a report from Local 10 News.

Trompler: Photo Credit to Local 10

The night before, Trompler had gone out to eat, drink, and watch the Miami Heat basketball game at a nearby restaurant with a group of friends – the victim was among the group, the report said. She testified to officers that Trompler showed sexual interest in her at the restaurant.

When they returned, Trompler and another student, identified as a witness, allegedly went back to the victim’s dorm. Later, they both left for the night, and the victim closed the door behind her but didn’t lock it. She claimed that she didn’t invite Trompler to return. 

The victim told police that she awoke to the sight of Trompler, with sweatpants around his ankles, masturbating and urinating in a water bottle and on the floor. In panic, she asked him again and again to leave. He eventually left, and right after, she ran to her friend’s room for safety. 

Later, she told police that she received a message from Trompler on Facebook saying, “I don’t really know what to tell you. I feel so sorry about everything. . . Please let me know if I can do something and please do (not) tell it to too many people.” 

When a Miami Shores police detective showed up to speak with the victim, he allegedly found three notes from Trompler stuck in the door, each containing content similar to the Facebook message. The victim says that she did not have any previous communication with Trompler on Facebook. 

The current arrest form states that when the detective came to Trompler’s dorm, he opened the door and “advised that he had meant no harm and did not know why the victim kicked him out of her room, but that he left when she told him to leave.” 

Trompler, who is on the men’s tennis team at Barry, has left a bad taste in the mouth of his teammates.

One of the team members told The Buccaneer that “[the incident] was crazy, honestly.”

“We [the team] told the coach from the beginning that we wanted him out . . . [Trompler doesn’t] have any rights to come back,” he said. “Even if it was a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, but we cannot tolerate this.” 

To display their rejection, the team went on strike the day they heard the news, he said.

“We were not supporting that behavior,” the teammate said. 

He adds that Trompler was a new member and the closely knit original team doesn’t “do those kind of things.”

Barry University stated that it “took immediate and appropriate action in coordination with the Miami Shores Police Department.” 

According to the news report, Trompler is now charged with burglary, second degree felony, and lewd and lascivious behavior and, according to the tennis teammate, Trompler was suspended from the university.

For Local 10 coverage on the story, click this link

Suzannah Young contributed to the reporting of this story

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