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Battle of the Halls

By Liz Calvo

Every spring at Barry, the campus celebrates Battle of the Halls to mark its homecoming festivities.

The event is a competition that involves creativity and innovation.

This year, residents had to incorporate the homecoming world tour theme into their designs.

They were tasked with decorating sidewalks, hall entrances and dorm walls. Residence coordinators were the judges of this competition and winners were announced Feb. 11.

Ruht Lovos, sophomore and English major, who lives in Bevilacqua Hall, formally known as Dominican Hall enjoyed the competition and found great meaning from it.

“I think events like these are important to build the team spirit within each hall,” said Lovos.

Students showed out to battle other dorm halls for the title of winner in each category. The categories included best resident sidewalk chalk decoration, best exterior hall decoration and best interior hall decoration.

As for the winners, the prizes are bragging rights and a special prize shared by the residents of that dorm.

Flood Hall won for best resident sidewalk chalk decorating. The residents wrote the names of their native Caribbean countries and several wonders of the world such as the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu and the Stone Hedges. They also included designs on each window that spelled out “We Are The World BarryU.”

Mottram Doss Hall won for exterior hall decoration. Mottram Doss resident decorated their courtyard to represent each country, each bench surrounding the courtyard was decorated to represent the resident assistant’s birth country, they filled the sidewalk with messages expressing the student’s love for the world. The center of the courtyard was filled with stickers bearing the names of different countries.

Weber and Bevilacqua halls both won for best interior hall design. Both halls had a similar theme as both halls represented different countries and invited whoever walked through to a tour of their countries.

Weber Hall toured you through the several wonders of the world and what you may experience as you tour around the country while Bevilacqua Hall displayed paper cutouts of each country on the walls as well as creating a walkway anyone can follow to see each display.

Some students had a lot to say about the decorations in the dorms.

Carlos Martinez, a junior communication major, lives in Benincasa and was proud of his residents for the job they did at decorating.

“Overall, all the halls did a great job!” said Martinez. “However, Weber Hall had put a lot more time in their decorations. You can be far and still see their design.”

All in all, the Battle of the Halls competition instilled pride and a sense of camaraderie among students.

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