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Buccaneers “In their Bags:” Young Entrepreneurs at Barry

By Johania Charles

With a “hot nerd fall” in full swing, many Barry students have made rapper Megan Thee Stallion proud by securing their own bags. They’ve secured the bag by creating more revenue for themselves. Some have even become successful entrepreneurs. 

 In the words of JT and Young Miami, the popular rap duo of City Girls, “it’s that season” to have someone cut you a check!  Here’s a list of students who have already garnered success. 

1. Elite Realty Partners Inc: Geneva Auguste ( @genevaauguste_ )

Geneva Auguste is a student with expensive taste who desires the finer things in life. 

“Everything I touch turns into sold,” said Auguste who transformed the Abrahamic idea of blessings into her business slogan. 

The psychology junior is approaching her second year as a realtor in Miami. She hosted a seminar in August to educate the North Miami community on the home buying process by creating a six to nine-month plan for potential clients.

“You have no choice but to be successful if your parents are from Haiti,” said Auguste who wants to eliminate the negative mindsets and barriers immigrants have when buying homes.  

Though securing her bag, passion over profit remains a motto.

2. Checklids: Taylor Checkly ( @checklids)

Thanks to Taylor Checkly, people with ethnic hair no longer have to worry about messing up their curls with her checklid curlcap. 

The curlcaps were inspired by Checkly embracing her natural hair after her transition. Baseball caps are reconstructed by Checkly and sold for $10-$15 depending on the design. But, alterations are done for $5 if the hats are provided by the customer. 

This softball player encourages rising entrepreneurs to find their hidden talents and market them. 

“Just do it, sometimes you think it might not work [but] just try and see what happens,” said Checkly.

3. For the Love of Sugar: Gabrielle Edwards (@ftlos18)

 Criminology senior Gabrielle Edwards was influenced by her parents’ entrepreneurial mindset to start a baking business.  

“I absolutely love to bake. It’s my therapy although I lose a lot of sleep,” said Edwards.

This foodie hopes to someday own a restaurant that serves southern comfort food like macaroni and cheese and collard greens to college students. 

“I aspire to own a restaurant and want to pass on my business to my children,” said Edwards who is a firm believer in generational wealth and legacy. 

4. Marty’s Barbershop: Martilus Dervil (@martilus_)

For the guys who wish to look their best, Marty’s Barbershop is the perfect solution. 

Martilus Dervil, exercise science freshman, founded Marty’s Barbershop to provide services to students in need of a new barber after relocating to Miami. 

“If you’re from out of state, you have to eventually go to a barber, and you might as well build a new foundation” said Dervil.  “I’m local and offer reasonable prices.”

5. Bawse Essentials: Nia O’Connor (@bawseessentialss)

What’s a boss without their essentials? The Bawse Essentials line created by marketing sophomore Nia O’ Connor, provides cuticle oils, foot scrub cubes and lip balm to people in need of a little self-care. 

 O’Connor decided to create a line of natural cosmetic products that promotes confidence and inner strength through looking and feeling your best.

“Bawses [can] get their necessities to carry out their daily tasks,” said O’Connor. 

To O’Connor, a “bawse” is any person who exerts confidence through struggles while maintaining their happiness and outer appearance. 

6. Girls Rock Wigs: Dominique Dames (@girlsrockwigs)

Quality over popularity is a slogan Dominique Dames, senior public relations student, values. 

"I make affordable customized wigs for beautiful women of South Florida,” said Dames. 

She also specializes in frontals, closures and lace wigs. Hair services like sew-ins and ponytails are also available at a price that is affordable to students yet allowing them to feel their best. 

For students in pursuit of their own entrepreneurial opportunities, Barry’s Entrepreneurship Lab can provide ample resources through its visiting management instructor, Dr. Dale Hartz.

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