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Bucs Gone Wild

By Johania Charles

Welcome to Miami Shores where risky behaviors can land you among the likes of DJ Pauly D, The Situation or Snooki.

Ready to take a trip to the wild side? At, Barry anything is possible. And, The Buccaneer knows that some students crave to explore ‘the forbidden’ territory of college life. 

Ignasi Forcano, Barry international business and marketing sophomore, believes that he needs to have a more entertaining lifestyle. 

“When it comes to activities, [life can] feel limited. [The college life] can feel monotonous because it’s the same thing over and over again...You get tired of it,” said Forcano.

If you’re a Buc that wants to go wild, check out the list below for some forbidden fun.

* Proceed with caution because this list is not for the weary.

Spontaneous Road Trips

Blow off some steam by singing your heart out in a car karaoke session with your friends during a trip to a new place.  After all, who doesn’t love a good road trip? Doing it with your college friends is bound to be meaningful. 

Skip a few Classes

Skip a class or two to binge watch a new show or have brunch with friends. Blow off schoolwork to do something fun. There’s more to life than school and we all need a “mental health” day. 

Retail Therapy

Go berserk shopping! And if you’re broke, find yourself a sugar daddy or sugar mama to fund your shopping quests. Who knows? They might even end up paying your tuition.

Don’t Buy Those Books

There’s always that one class that requires buying the book to “pass.”  Sometimes, you’re better off saving your money. All you have to do is take good notes, pay attention during lecture and you’ll survive. Use that money to buy more important things, like food. 

Attend a House / Frat Party

Barry is not a party school. If you’re looking to release your inner party animal, it may be best to attend a themed frat party where you can drink, twerk and rap the wrong lyrics to a Drake song. 

Roofs & Balconies

 Have you ever had parked car conversations that bring out your inner Aristotle? Imagine how much nicer it would be to sit under the night sky with your potential bae on a roof or balcony, trying to figure out if you’re compatible over a deep discussion of your zodiac signs.  You can spend uninterrupted hours talking on a roof or balcony against the backdrop of beautiful scenery. And, the Adrian roof at Barry might be the perfect spot for that on campus. 


If you’ve never played a drinking game, you should definitely jump on the bandwagon. There’s no better time to get blacked out drunk than in college. The only way to know your limit is to test it. So, go ahead and grab your cup and head to that beer pong table. You know what they say, “your drunkest self is your realest self.” 

Tinder Dates ‘R’ Us

Stop complaining about not being able to find your soulmate and act. Swipe right on that future match! Throw on that short dress ladies and men, wear those gray sweatpants. Get ready to have a fun night! 

*This list is for entertainment purposes only. 

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