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COVID-19’s Impact on Barry: All You Need to Know

By Anna Galaktionov

COVID-19, the coronavirus, has unexpectedly made a tough impact on numerous colleges in the U.S., including Barry University. Nearly 300 universities have turned to Plan B, transferring all classes to an online format. As of Thursday, March 19, all classes at Barry will be taught through online learning platforms, such as Canvas. With much anticipated traffic to Canvas, students are asked to be patient and flexible. For Canvas technical support, click this link.

Classes will be taught remotely for the remainder of the semester. Resident students are urged to return home; however, if there are difficulties with going back, students should contact Residence Life for an exception. Dining services are limited to take-out only starting Wednesday, March 18. As of the most recent updates, the following services and facilities are suspended, closed, or cancelled:

  1. All campus meetings and events

  2. Daily and Sunday masses

  3. All computer labs

  4. All athletic program activities and competitions

  5. School of Podiatric Medicine Foot and Ankle Clinics

  6. Student Health Services (available through telehealth services only)

  7. The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (available remotely)

  8. Federal Work-Study and Student Employment

In addition, The Buccaneer newspaper will be transferring to an online format, as well. For constantly updating information on COVID-19 and new stories everyday, visit

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