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Farewell Letter to Senior Athletes

Dear 2020 Graduating Athletes,

Usually, the university we go to defines us as players. Once we put on our jerseys emblazoned with different logos, there is an automatic divide. Whether you are division I, II, III, or NAIA, the division we represent sections us off into particular athletic categories, while also separating us as individual athletes. 

Despite all that division, we now are all joined together as a family due to the tragic toll COVID-19 has placed on this season and 2020 athletes of the NCAA. 

Barry Bucs, I implore you to never forget the memories you made prior to quarantine. Those memories shaped you into the athlete you are today. They helped you reach unstoppable goals. 

Those are the memories of the athlete you were and will always be, in the eyes of you and your university. Every home run, every goal, and every basket is a memory to be cherished. 

I know. Senior year is supposed to be your final victory lap. Due to these unseen circumstances, your senior year was cut short. Still, you gave your heart and soul into the sport you represented. 

To our athletes and our fans, you will see sports as you once knew again.

Athletes all across the world are in the same pain you might be in. Your final victory lap may not take place at your university, representing the sport you played, but it will be saved for something brighter in your future. 

Your time is coming. Be patient. Stay safe during this time and work on your craft. 

My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you. Together we will get through this. 

The goals, baskets, and home runs will soon come back and we will all be reunited playing the games we love and cherish. 

We will be back, stronger and better than ever.   

See you out there,

Sophia Sharos

Senior Broadcast and Emerging Media Major

BarryU Soccer

Left-Right: Michelle Roldan (JR), Cassandra Lee (FR), Kayla Posten (FR), and Karla Santiago (SO). Photo Credit to Jimmy Muniz.
Tylan Birts (5) during the February 12th game against Palm Beach Atlantic. Photo Credit to Emma James.

Left-Right: Peyton Rawls, Karla Santiago, Jordyn Petty, and Kayla Posten. Photo Credit to Jimmy Muniz.

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