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From Barry To Ellen DeGeneres

By: Sophia Sharos 

Just last year, Barry student Briana Grumet was handing her classmates the candle of wisdom and knowledge at the candle and rose ceremony. Now, she is making boss moves with a women’s empowerment group and helping the community of Miami one day at a time.

After graduation, Grumet leads the volunteer group Nest of Love as part of the organization Las Poderosas that translates into the phrase “powerful women.”

The organization’s mission is to empower women through different types of programs it offers, including mentorship, leadership, wellness, and spiritual guidance through proper training Grumet works with the owner Samantha Gil who started a non-profit organization at the age of 27 and quit her corporate job to become a community leader. 

Grumet graduated from Barry in May 2019 and was still trying to discover her purpose. After graduating Barry, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to accomplish still, but she knew that she wanted to give back and empower women.  When she founded the organization Nest of Love, everything fell right into place for her.


“After joining the organization, I have found my happiness and purpose in life. I knew I didn’t want to work a regular nine to five job and this opportunity made it possible,” said Grumet. “I have found a sisterhood I can never replace.” 

Her hard work didn’t go unnoticed. 

Gil received a phone call from the production team of “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” Celebrity influencer Kylie Jenner teamed up with the show to give back to an organization doing incredible things in the community. 

The Nest of Love organization explained that they thought that they would participate in a promo for the season premiere of the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Little did they know that they would be receiving a huge monetary donation. 

During the show, Kylie and Kris Jenner along with Ellen surprised the non-profit Nest of Love organization with $150,000.  Grumet didn’t know how to contain her excitement.

“I couldn’t believe I was sitting next to Kylie Jenner on the same couch. Then, when the checks started to come... my heart cried at the generosity,” said Grumet. “I was bawling my eyes out.  I can’t thank God enough for this opportunity.” 

Overall, The Ellen and Jenner collaboration gave the organization $750,000.  

Grumet plans to use her money to pay of the rest of her student loans and take her family on a trip to Europe in the future. 

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