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How to De-stress before Finals

By Jeanelle Jacobs 

College life can be very stressful, especially as students inch towards the end of the semester. Final assignments and end-of-semester exams can put students in trying situations. 

The added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic makes it imperative that students exercise de-stressing techniques to help them clear their minds before exams begin. There is a plethora of relaxation techniques that students can use to unwind and prepare for finals. 

According to Very Well Mind, one of these de-stressing techniques is sleep. Sleep-deprived students tend to be less productive and find it harder to focus. 

In addition, healthy eating and organization can be vital to boost brain power and improve your mental energy. 

Despite these techniques, students now have added stress, as the COVID-19 pandemic forces them to adjust to online classes. As social distancing is a requirement during this time, solitary de-stressing techniques are strongly suggested. 

Alena Costume, health promotion and wellness coordinator of Campus Recreation and Wellness (CRW), states that there are various ways students can stay calm while adapting to their new normal. 

"Start your day with a simple routine. Wake up the same time each day, make your coffee or tea with a yummy breakfast, reflect, or make a list on what is needed for that day," said Costume. 

She also notes the importance of creating a comfortable workspace. 

"Be mindful of your ergonomics space. Adjust your seat, keyboard, and screen lighting,” said Costume. “Change the area: sit outside, move to the floor, and add some music in the background.”

Equally important, according to Costume, is students’ mental and physical health. 

She encourages students to stay on a healthy sleep schedule in order to stay focused and energized. Also, students should be eating nourishing foods. 

Students should also stay connected with their family and friends during this time. 

"Set up weekly Zoom hangout parties, social happy hours, dress up nights, and even dance parties,” said Costume. “Staying connected with your family and friends during this time increases your emotional and wellbeing."

Some students have adjusted their normal relaxation techniques due to social distancing. 

Latefah Sanders, a senior psychology student says her usual way to unwind would be going to the beach with her friends. However, social distancing does not allow this. 

 "Now, I like to unwind by watching my favorite shows and doing yoga exercises. It helps me relax before doing my schoolwork," Sanders said. 

 Clifton Jones, a history and political science senior at Barry, prefers listening to music.

"For me, listening to music helps me clear my mind, and a clear mind helps me to study more effectively," said Jones. 

As students continue to unwind in preparation for finals, the Virtual De-Stress Fest organized by Costume and her team will occur on April 27 until April 30. The event will assist them in performing their best during finals week.

Navigating online classes during the COVID-19 outbreak has increased the stress levels for Barry students. By putting these one-person de-stressing techniques to use, students can ensure a stress-free finals week. 

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