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Kobe Bryant: Mamba Out

By Sophia Sharos

The name Kobe Bryant is renowned around the world. It’s the name people shout enthusiastically when they crumble a piece of paper and throw it in a garbage bin basketball-style. People all over aspired to be like Bryant because of his mentality on and off the court.

His name, however, is now accompanied with grief. On Jan. 26, 2020, nine lives were tragically lost in a fatal helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. Bryant, a Lakers basketball legend, and his beautiful daughter Gigi Bryant were among the deceased.

Athletes weren’t the only people mourning his tragic death. Kobe Bryant influenced all types of people all over the world. Many considered him not only a different breed on the basketball court but also a hero.

Members of the Barry community were especially devastated by his death.

Senior basketball player and broadcasting student Tylan Birts shared that it was a tough pill to swallow when finding out about Kobe’s tragic death.

“Although I didn’t know him personally, seeing the impact he left on the entire world speaks for itself,” said Birts. “His work ethic and killer mentality will forever inspire me to keep pushing no matter what obstacle life throws my way.”

Bryant’s tragedy is a wake-up call to people to reflect on the brevity of life.

Applied sports and exercise science junior Brenden Stephens understands now that everyone’s life can come to an end rather quickly.

“I now understand the concept of death. Everyone’s time will come regardless of the measures we take to prevent it from happening. Kobe is now a hero. We must be resilient, determined, and fearless in the actions we do in life,” said Stephens. “My effort from now on is to live fearlessly as he did.”

Bryant impacted many athletes from different sporting fields. He was a role model for all and pushed people to craft their sport of choice into perfection.

Junior soccer player Felipe Ospina felt inspired by Bryant as an elite athlete and wanted to play his sport the best he could.

“Growing up I would watch videos of him playing and understanding his hard work, craft, and mamba mentality,” he said “Even though I play a different sport it’s amazing how hard work can unite all. Even though Kobe had talent, he still worked hard, and that inspired me in many ways on and off the field.”

In the years to come, Kobe Bryant will be remembered as a legend. Prayers go out to his family and everyone affected by this unforgettable tragedy. Mamba out.

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