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Music Creators at Barry

By Nicole Valdes

Barry University has many talented students with various passions, including those for music. Many students write their own songs, create their own beats, or play instruments. 

These students have a deep connection with their music, consequently wishing to make a career out of it. 

Barry students Gwyneth Gitto, Michael Lao, and T’darius Gibson share this wish, and told The Buccaneer all about their love for music.

Gwyneth Gitto, a freshman music major, has played the bass guitar since she was 11 years old. However, her admiration of music started when she was four years old. Her parents had her participate in multiple musical activities, including musical theater, band, and choir. These extracurriculars helped her passion for music flourish. 

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In the fifth grade, she decided to learn how to play the clarinet. Later, in eighth grade, she transferred schools and joined the jazz band. 

Gitto has had a special appreciation for jazz ever since. 

“I love Jazz because it's something that I've never felt 100 percent comfortable with or found easy,” said Gitto. “It keeps me on my toes and once I finally nail a song, it's the greatest feeling in the world.” 

Jazz, however, is not Gitto’s only love. She is also a huge fan of classic rock and considers the band Foreigner to be one of her favorites. 

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Thus, being able to perform during the closing of Foreigner’s concert in her junior year of high school was a highlight of her musical life.

“I am a huge fan, so this was a mind-blowing experience,” said Gitto.

In pursuing her music career, Gitto believes that she made the right choice to come to Barry. Her music professors focus on her talent and push her to become a better musician. 

This is a push that junior Michael Lao is also getting as he gets closer to graduation.

Lao started playing a variety of percussion instruments in his freshman year of high school. Before this, as a child, Lao enjoyed all kinds of music.

“Music became much more than a hobby,” said Lao. “In some sense, it’s a way of life.”

This way of life has led to Lao being involved in many unforgettable musical experiences. One of these is Lao’s chance to teach music at several different high schools in Miami-Dade and Broward County.

“I feel humbled to have had all the opportunities and experiences that have been provided to me through music,” said Lao.

This opportunity to teach has inspired Lao to become a full-time music instructor at a high school after graduating from Barry.

Lao also plans on completing a master’s degree, after which he wants to teach music at the collegiate level. 

Another student who plans on pursuing a career in the music industry is sophomore business management major T’darius Gibson.

In 2011, Gibson was placed in his first piano class by his parents. Although Gibson didn’t want to play music at first, piano classes sparked his interest and led him to begin creating his own music.

Photo Credit to Cindy Luc

Gibson’s main musical interest is audio production, a skill he picked up while working at audio stations. He gained experience producing his own beats for songs he writes himself, which are mostly Hip Hop and R&B.

Gibson believes he can express his emotions and creativity best within these genres.

Part of this expression is the message that Gibson wants to send to his listeners. “Work hard and always follow your own path,” said Gibson. 

Gibson plans to do exactly that after graduating from Barry. He wants to bring his talents to the music industry, where he hopes to collaborate with different Miami-based musical artists. Gibson’s music can be accessed through his YouTube channel, under the name T’darius Taylor.

Barry University is thriving with musical talent, and these three students are just a part of a group of musical creators that are looking forward to a future in the industry. 

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