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Salon Dahlia

By Isabella Maldonado

Salon Dahlia, known for their hairdressing, nails and spa services, is opening a second location after their 8th successful year in Miami Shores.

The local beauty salon, located at 9472 NE 2nd Ave., will open a second location just 5 minutes away from Barry University.

The need for more space to accommodate the number of clients that walk through the door prompted the owner and founder, Tony Lockhart, to expand her beauty salon business in the community.

Lockhart first opened Salon Dahlia in 2012 after she was tired of always having to drive up to Hollywood to get her hair done. She felt her community of Miami Shores needed a “nice little salon,” so she opened one.

She has put her heart into making Salon Dahlia a place full of “good vibes and positivity.” She expresses that they all are a team —  “a family.” She said that it is her wish that every employee does well at both work and home. The idea of them as a family is at the core of the store.

The relationship between boss and employees was built so strongly that after eight years of managing the business by herself, Tony decided to get a business partner — none other than one of her hairdressers.

“She already puts her heart and soul into it, now she also has a financial interest,” said Lockhart.

The new salon, located just two blocks away from the first one, is meant to also have that “good vibes and positive atmosphere” that characterizes the first one. In order to do so, Lockhart is moving some employees from the first location to the new one.

Another important factor that she considered when looking for a second location was the fact that it was so close. She wanted something nearby so people could go to either of the two.

For Lockhart, the environment of happy employees combined with great service and a loyal community has resulted in her success.

Find both locations of Salon dahlia here.

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