SMIF is Not Just for Finance Majors

By Liz Calvo

Photo Credit to Bloomberg

Have you ever wondered where you can go to learn about finances and stock markets? Do you want to have an internship in the finance field? The Barry University Student Managed Investment Fund is worth investigating. So, The Buccaneer has done the work for you.

What is SMIF

The Barry University Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) is a student-founded and student-run investment research and management organization with the idea of giving students hands-on experience in the world of finances and investment.

SMIF was founded at Barry University in 2011 with two main purposes.

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The first purpose is to provide a place where students can learn with firsthand experiences and classroom application such as theories, concepts, and principles of security research and valuation and the design, construction and management of portfolios of securities.

The second purpose is to contribute to the community well-being by providing service learning and financial literacy programs through collaborative and mutual partnerships with public schools.

Martina Muñoz Chalan, the co-managing director for SMIF, explains that SMIF “focuses on service learning by working with community partners to improve the financial wellness of our community by giving courses on financial literacy.”

What does SMIF do?

SMIF manages a portion and adds to the overall growth of the Barry University Endowment Fund as well as conducts business at the highest, ethical, and professional standards.

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According to Eric Yang, a Barry alumnus and former co-director of the club, “SMIF has created many different opportunities for student engagement with their community. One of these experiences is partnering with William H. Tuner Technical Arts High School.”

Yang states that “being able to teach high school students how to manage finances has been an eye-opening experience.”

The organization has also taught high school and middle school students to save and budget their money.

“Right now, we are teaching students using a stock simulator about the stock market and how to buy stocks,” said Yang.

What can students get from SMIF?

It is not required that students be a finance major to join SMIF because finances are a skill any student will use daily as a student and as a post-graduate.