STAY Woke 2020 Speakers and Debaters

By Anna Galaktionov

There is an exciting and talented group of speakers and debaters for this year's STAY Woke Speech and Debate Competition. The competition will be held on November 19 in the David Brinkley Studio at Barry and will be streamed live as well. But before the debates begin, let's get to know each of the participants.

Ethan Brooks

Year of Study: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science (CS)

Name of Speech Coach: Professor Judith Anderson

Hometown: Managua, Nicaragua

Hobbies:  Writing fantasy stories about all the silly stuff that happen to me, practicing pickup (I will get good at it eventually), talking to people unfortunate enough to be near me when I work out at the gym.

Anyah Charlotin

Year of Study: Sophomore 

Major: Biology Pre-Med

Name of Speech Coach: Dr. Mia Sanati

Hometown: Broward County, FL/ Lauderhill, FL

Hobbies: Volunteering, Listening to Music, Traveling, and Swimming

Zaidon Cange

Year of Study: Freshman

Major: Biology

Name of Speech Coach: J. R. Steele

Hometown: North Miami Beach, FL

Hobbies: Listening to jazz, reading, and learning in general