Stay WOKE Speech and Debate Competition 2020 Thrived Sans a Live Studio Audience

By Anna Galaktionov

The 2020 Stay WOKE Speech and Debate Competition served up compelling performances amidst the aggressive pandemic, boasting virtual live stream viewers in lieu of a live in-person audience.

The David Brinkley Studio
Moderators Mateo Gomez (left) and Brianna Lopez (right)
Moderator Mateo Gomez (left) and Official Amanda Gonzalez Garcia (right)
From left to right Judges Dr. Foreman, Dr. Hartz, and Professor Noel
Official Suzannah Young (left) and Moderator Brianna Lopez (right)
First Place Winner Horatiann Gordon
Second Place Winner Benjamin Downs
Third Place Winner Jazmin Baez
From left to right Speakers Anyah Charlotin, Benjamin Downs, Laylah Santiago, Jazmin Baez, Ethan Brooks, Horatiann Gordon, and Isabel Pulgarin