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Students want Football, Swimming, and Much More

By: Sophia Sharos

After surveying one hundred Barry students, the school-wide opinion is that the current athletic program could use some sprucing up.

There are only 13 athletic sports teams at Barry University. Men compete in five sports—baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, and tennis. Women also compete in those sports but participate in two additional sports: rowing and volleyball. 

The only gender-neutral sport at Barry is e-sporting, which was introduced last April. 

Barry Athletic Director Mike Covone announced that e-sporting will center around competitive computer gaming. Barry's e-sporting program will also be a member of the 125-school National Association of Collegiate E-Sports.

BU e-Sports Room *Photo by Melissa Tumbeiro

The Buccaneer issued a survey with the hope of figuring out which new sports students would propose to have on campus. The choices included football, swimming, track and field, sand volleyball and lacrosse.

 The students were asked to pick which sport they would like to see the most.

 Football, swimming, and track and field were among the top choices.

Barry is a division two school in the Sunshine State conference. We have a smaller student population and, while that may have its perks, some complain that it contributes to low school spirit.

Some express that sports such as football may resolve that problem. 

For example, the University of Miami, has a huge football presence. It brings in benefits like school spirit, money, tailgates, and more academic facilities for students and faculty there. Thirty million dollars is brought in as revenue per year, which leaves the sport with a $5.31 million dollar profit.

Junior athletic training major, Dai’jonnai Smith, is one student who wants to see football here at Barry. 

“I would like to see football at Barry because it would really bring some school spirit that Barry is sort of lacking,” said Smith.  “Everyone asks for football, and everyone is disappointed we don’t have it. Bringing it here would bring a greater student body, and more school spirit.”

It is important to note that the addition of certain sports would be very costly to the athletic department. Some lesser known sports may even suffer as a result. Even big division one schools with football teams limit the variety of sports they offer because of budgetary reasons. 

For example, EMU (University of Eastern Michigan) cut four sports including softball, women’s tennis, men’s swimming and diving, and wrestling while leaving football untouched because of how much money it brings in.

It's important to remember, however, that even though Barry doesn’t offer football and other popular sports, we are national championship-winning program in our own right.

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