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The Cream Parlor

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

By Nicole Valdes

With a vintage vibe that comforts anyone walking in for delicious treats, The Cream Parlor at 8224 Biscayne Blvd will make you feel like you’re at home with a variety of desserts that you can even create yourself.

The Cream Parlor was created to be an extraordinary Café in 2016 to attract all residents and families in the midtown Miami section of the city with a variety of savory dishes and desserts.

In addition, the creation of your preferred dessert is set in a family environment.

Since its opening, the desserts have been the main attraction to the clients.

With a plethora of different ice creams, cakes, brownies, cookies and toppings, The Cream Parlor has a variety of sweet dishes for you to create on your own and tell the barista what you desire, creating a glittery and creative theme to attract clients.

“You make an extreme dessert of your choice, for yourself or to share with someone who you desire to have a good time with as you sit around The Cream Parlor and view the decorations that are set up in vintage style,” said Ainsley Tsokos, owner of The Cream Parlor, who enjoys the decorations she collected from her family’s tradition.

Ainsley Tsokos desires to always imply, as she shares with her clients, the meaning of family and culture that she was taught at a very young age.

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