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By Isabel Pulgarin

Girls truly did run the world this year. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour and director Greta Gerwig’s "Barbie" took the world and its girls by storm since this spring.

According to two QuestionPro estimates, the highest-grossing singer-songwriters Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Taylor Swift will each contribute $4.5 billion in economic contributions in North America alone with their die-hard fans splurging on tickets, merchandise, and travel for their tours.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour

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In her album, Renaissance, Beyoncé sampled classic works of Black artists and inspirations from ballroom culture like Syd, Honey Dijon, Big Freedia, Donna Summer, T.S. Madison and Kevin Aviance. On tour, Beyoncé condenses over 20 years’ worth of a discography into one night, affording concertgoers the liberation of the club and the space to love on themselves.

She is the performer. Face beat, hair laid, and a body body-ing more than 150 custom outfits, vintage pieces, and glasses that cost more than your car payment—her club serves were like no other. Beyoncé, and her Sasha Fierce alter-ego, are the divas that inspire confidence and grandeur from her sound and movement, especially for the queer community. The live sequences for “COZY” are like no other as she danced with robotic arms, reminding you, alongside ballroom legend Kevin JZ Prodigy, that she is THAT girl.

According to HITS Daily Double, she has the highest grossing tour by any female artist, Black artist, and solo American act.

Beyoncé’s Homecoming at Coachella in 2018 Bey-chella set the bar for live performances and vocals—her older performances are historical archives like those of Prince and Diana Ross.

For Brianna Pierre, a senior theatre major minoring in dance, Beyoncé has been a part of her life since she was a young girl copying her music video choreography. She is unique as an artist in this way. Whenever fans like Pierre hear her music, the performance’s choreography comes just like breathing. Her favorite performance of hers, apart from the Miami Renaissance she attended where she experienced all the nostalgia, is Bey-Chella.

“Since I am a theatre major and dance minor, I understand the entire process of creating a production. It takes time and the upmost dedication,” she said. “I admired how Beyoncé showed her vulnerability in the film and the journey of how “Homecoming” came to life.”

The post-concert depression is kicking in for her fans, the Bey-hive, from not seeing her trend on Tik Tok and X, formerly Twitter, as she struts down her runway to the “Club Renaissance” floor audience and how well she commands a whole stadium to mute for a few beats during “ENERGY.”

Fortunately, the manifesting worked. One of the biggest cinematic events of the year for AMC is happening Dec. 1: “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.”

The Bey-hive cannot wait to see visuals of Beyoncé birthday performance in Los Angeles where icon Diana Ross sang “Happy Birthday” with celebrities rocking Mother’s chrome, her performances with fellow Houston native and life-long fan Megan Thee Stallion, and her daughter Blue Ivy who danced alongside her during “My Power” from her soundtrack for the live-action “The Lion King.”

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

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Not only is she taking over stadiums, but she is also taking over the big screens. The 12-time- Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Swift debuted another big cinematic experience with her concert film now in AMC theaters, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.”

Her fans crashed Ticketmaster securing pre-sale tickets for her concert dates last November. Her sheer power of influence scared horror movie director Jason Blum out of his release date, moving his movie premiere of “The Exorcist: Believer” to the week before. She holds nearly 100 Guinness World Records. She reclaimed the master rights of all her work after 2018 and is re-recording her older albums. Taylor Swift is a true super star.

But, most importantly, what makes her special to her fans, the Swifties, is her storytelling. With each album she molds, she tells the story of the seasons of life. What is the most comforting about her songwriting and delivery is that her feelings are so simple, so relatable, but so metaphorically coded to keep the listener wanting to relive the feeling and their memories over and over. “Lover” from her album, “Lover,” encapsulates this.

Her upcoming “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” is the rerecorded album that pushed her through from the young, new singer-songwriter into a serious artist portraying her life as an adult woman experiencing love. Taylor Swift also added more dates to her tour, pit-stopping in Miami thrice the weekend of Oct. 18 before the end of her world tour Nov. 23.

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie”

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“That’s life. All change,” said Gloria in “Barbie,” played by America Ferrera.

It’s more than just a movie about a doll. It’s about growing into an adult in the real world where love and support are vital and reality more complicated than your childhood, especially for women. It touches on gender issues, portraying the toxicity that is patriarchy in the real world. Still, the experience of being simply an ever-evolving human is experience enough.

Director, writer, and actress Greta Gerwig wrote this movie with her husband, featuring Margot Robbie who plays Barbie, and has expanded on her brand of sharing women’s stories like those of “Lady Bird” in 2017 and “Little Women” in 2019, highlighting the feminist thought helping to progress confidence in girls and women around the world.

This film brought AMC the highest monthly revenue ever in July when “Barbenheimer,” the cinematic event of “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” hit theaters on the weekend of July 21. The film earned $1.34 billion globally at the box office.

Now, with AMC rounding out their year with the major powerhouses of the Swifties and the Bey-hive, this end to the year will be one to remember.

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