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The Ultimate Corona Guide to Battling Social Distancing

By: Nicole Valdes

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced students to engage in remote learning and practice social distancing. With all this extra time on our hands, here are 10 things that will keep you entertained at home: 

1. Connect with Friends and Family Virtually 

Being at school takes most of our time away from family and friends. With social distancing, we can connect with people we care about virtually. Reconnecting with family and friends online can give us much needed energy and happiness. 

2. Meditate or Become a Yogi

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and to relax the mind from overthinking on the pandemic. Yoga and meditating are also great ways to keep yourself mentally and emotionally stable. 

3. Move Around and Work Out from Home 

Just like yoga, working out from home is a great way to stretch and let go of tension. Since many gyms are closed due to social distancing, working out from home is a great option until you can attend your local gym again. 

4. Clear Out Your Closet 

Cleaning out your closet is a good option to distract yourself during this quarantine and can bring out a bunch of surprises. You can find things you have been searching for forever or come across things you never knew you even had.

5. Give your Pets Love 

If you are a pet owner, you know how it is to leave your pets behind for hours when you are at school completing work. Now is the time to connect with them and spend your time doting on them. 

6. Knock Out Your To-Do List

As students, we all have things we wish to complete. Our busy schedules sometimes stop us from completing our goals.  Now is the time to finish that story you have been working on or finish that 150-chapter book. 

7. Learn a New Skill

If you are bored and desire to learn something new, why not investigate your interests and learn a new skill? Learn how to bake, create crafts, or search for YouTube tutorials on different topics.  8. Follow Positivity on Social Media

Through these hard times of social distancing and fearing that the pandemic might get worse, try to focus on positivity and engage with messages that will boost your hope. Look for funny videos that will help you clear your mind. 

9. Watch a New Show

As students, we barely have time to watch our favorite shows, but now that we are home why not find an interesting show to binge on? 

10. Create a Vision Board or Write Down Your Goals

The world has significantly changed within the span of a few months. Why not create a vision board that will help you determine your goals and future? Not only is this a great idea, it is also a fun way to keep yourself active at home. 

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