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Tru cutz

By Harnaja Pitts

Tru Cutz Barbershop Caters to the Hottest Celebrities and Barry Students

Barry Students are familiar with the Tru Cutz Barbershop not just because it’s five miles from the university, but because they have had consistent business from the hottest celebrities such as Flo Rida and Ja Rule.

Tru Cutz was established in 2013 by owner Nicolas Garcia who is passionate about his craft.

He believes that “you are the artist of your life and that you should not give the paintbrush to anyone else” — a saying that has always inspired him to never give up on his business and to not give others the power to control his destiny.

Garcia stays updated on new treatments for the hair like the micro scalp pigmentation is a treatment that uses micro-needles to put pigment into the scalp. This treatment creates an appearance of hair follicles that help thicken and restore the look of fuller hair.

Tru Cutz also offers hair replacement services to cater to balding clients. This installment is similar to a wig because it can last anywhere between one to three months depending on the type of hair unit the customer purchases.

Along with the Tru Cutz business, Garcia has created his own men’s grooming line which consists of pomade, shave gel, beard oil, and more. Currently, Tru Cutz has three different locations in Miami – one being located at 8222 Biscayne Blvd.

Garcia has been cutting hair for fifteen years and believes that “consistency and faith is key.”

He uses every moment to expand and has worked hard to get to the point he is now.

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