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Trump Alternatives: Republicans Running in 2020

By Mateo Gomez

For the past two years, people have focused more on Democrats running for office and have forgotten about Republicans. With the media focused on the platforms of running Democrats, potential Republican nominees are practically unknown. 

Even though it is assumed that President Trump will most likely obtain the Republican nomination next summer, there are still a few Republicans who are planning on running against him — especially with a pending impeachment on the table. 

President of College Republicans and junior political science Stephanie Torres does not believe that these people have a chance against President Trump.

 “Even with the impeachment process going on, it would not take away his Republican strongholds,” said Torres.  

Senior broadcasting major Sofia Karam hasn’t even heard of the other Republican candidates. 

“It is obvious that Trump will win the nomination. Not many people have heard of the other candidates.”

President Donald J. Trump 

President Donald J. Trump is obviously the most known Republican running for office. He has been in office since Jan. 20, 2017 and is planning to run for re-election.

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Keep America Great” and will be focusing on his wall and renegotiating trade deals with different countries like Cuba.

 Controversial issues like the Mueller Report and the Democrats’ request for impeachment may hurt his chances this upcoming election cycle. 

Joe Walsh

Walsh was a congressman in Illinois. He, like many Republicans, supported President Trump, but is now interested in running against him due to his current decisions during this administration. He is also not a fan of former president Obama and has called him a “traitor.” 

Like Sanford, the national debt is also on his agenda.  He is also looking at ways to protect the Mexican-American border.

William F. Weld

William F. Weld is the former governor of Massachusetts. He calls himself the voice of the moderates who lie in the middle between political liberals and conservatives. He believes there should be a proper immigration reform – one that would cause change and help those in the system. 

The wall is not the answer for Weld. He also wants to focus on legalizing marijuana across the states. 

The Republican nomination will be decided mid 2020. Although it is expected for Trump to win the nomination, keeping an eye out on these other Republican platforms may provide interesting alternatives. 

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