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Why 2020 Voting Matters Now

By Mateo Gomez

National Voter Registration Day 2019 was celebrated on September 24, a day for which the main goal is to get as many people to register to vote. 

Several elections are slated for this year such as the city of Miami Beach’s general election, but the main goal is to register people for the 2020 general election.

After two and a half years of President Trump’s administration, there are some people that strongly feel that a change is needed. This may also be why the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, decided to bring Impeachment to the table after avoiding the subject for a while. 

“Those people worried about Donald Trump being elected, now their greatest fears are coming to fruition. He seems to have abused the power of the Presidency,” said Dr. Sean Foreman, chair of the political science and history department.

Currently, the top Democrats are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden is currently implicated in the Ukraine scandal and Bernie Sanders is having health problems, which now raises doubt in his capability of holding the office of president. 

Donald Trump is the main candidate for the Republican party with some potential challengers. 

Still, students want change now. There many that are not satisfied with this administration.

Broadcasting Student Justin Mejia is one of the students that is ready for that change. 

“I am so tired of the president we have now… I really want Bernie Sanders to win so I can feel the Bern!” he said.

Dr. Foreman does believe that millennials and members of Generation Z are making changes, though. 

“We know that registration rates are up in the past couple of years. The participation in 2018 was higher than 2016,” said Dr. Foreman. “This helped Democrats get ahold of the House of Representatives. These young voters are not the deciding factor, but their voice is much larger than it was in the past. There are more millennials than baby boomers."

These comments create hope for the ones that want a change, demonstrating that the younger population does have a voice. 

The President of College Republicans, Stephanie Torres, participated in National Voter Registration Day because “the main goal is for it not to be bipartisan...the goal is to have representation.”

She also wanted to be able to answer questions for the people that fall under the Republican Party. 

Even though the election is a year away, it is important to know who the candidates are and know that our generation is there to provoke a possible change. 

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