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By Diana Morose

Photo Credit to Ajda Bukovec

Do you ever miss the feeling of a homecooked meal on campus? Well, you are in luck because Barry has introduced a new kitchen for residential students to satisfy your cravings. With access to kitchen stoves, students can now make their own meals, broadening the food options for students on campus.

According to the Director of Housing & Residence Life, Yojana Rodriguez, students have been asking for student kitchens for several years but were faced with obstacles.

“The kitchen was officially opened prior to COVID-19 in 2020; however, with the onset of COVID, it had to be closed. Then due to mechanical issues we were unable to reopen the kitchen until recently,” she said.

Despite these roadblocks, the kitchen is now up and running for all residential students to cook to their hearts' desire. Just imagine the possibilities: making yourself breakfast in the morning, cooking recipes from home if you are homesick, maybe even doing a home-cooked potluck with your friends, or even just experimenting in the kitchen if you are just learning how to cook. The possibilities are endless.

All students that reside in residence halls are allowed to use the kitchen but must check in with the front desk assistants in Weber Hall for an available time slot. A desk assistant secures student IDs while students are using the kitchen, and they are handed back after adhering to all the rules related to kitchen usage.

Photo Credit to Ajda Bukovec

“Students are responsible for proper safe use of the kitchen area, as well as clean up,” said Rodriguez.

Rayne Bowe, a sophomore majoring in computer science, was curious and surprised when she heard about this new addition.

“I fancy the idea that students can now cook whatever it is they feel in an actual kitchen rather than a makeshift one in their dorm,” she said.

Bowe would like to see bakeware provided, too.

“I may go there to bake something due to my heavy sweet tooth,” she said.

Rodriguez said resident students are always welcome to bring forward their ideas. "A great way to do this is to get involved with the Residence Hall Association,"she said. "Housing & Residence Life and Barry University as a whole are consistently evaluating the services we provide and what we can do to meet the needs of our students."

Photo Credit to Ajda Bukovec

If you live on campus and you are ready to cook up a storm, don’t be afraid to stop by Weber Hall and use the kitchen. While there are no plans by Housing and Residence Life to offer groceries, students can visit the food pantry on campus to make their meals.

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