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Barry University Student Nathalie Orlando Passes Away

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

By Anna Galaktionov

Nathalie Orlando on the far right. Photo Credit to Maya Watts.

Nathalie Orlando, a student from the communication department in the College of Arts and Sciences at Barry University, died on April 21, 2021.

A dancer and actress, she was marked by sincerity, determination, and kindness while having an amazing impact on other Barry students.

Maya Watts, a friend of Orlando, has fond memories of their time together on campus.

“She was a genuine person who was passionate in whatever she put her heart into,” she said. “Her ambition was contagious, and she was a friend I could go to about absolutely anything.”

Nathalie Orlando second from the right. Photo credit to Maya Watts.

Christopher Mitchell took classes with Orlando in Barry’s Garner Hall – where the communication department is housed - and even shared a class with her this spring, remembering her as a “force of energy and light.”

“She spoke her mind and stood up for what she believed in. She was sweet and personable. I enjoyed her every time we encountered each other. She will be extremely missed,” said Mitchell.

About a year ago, Orlando generously contributed to The Buccaneer by writing a story about Pierre’s Caribbean Cuisine, a restaurant a few blocks away from Barry. Her writing highlights her persistent hard work and inspiring motivation.

In an Instagram story on April 30, 2021, Watts shared clips of herself, Orlando, and their friends gathering together in a class at Barry and “getting in trouble for talking practically every day.” The pleasant memories with Orlando will remain in the heart of her friends and Barry University forever.

The Buccaneer staff sends its condolences to Orlando’s family and wishes peace and comfort in the midst of this loss.

Here is the final documentary project that Orlando submitted in her COM 309 Multimedia Communication class on April 19 before her passing.

With deepest sympathy, as you remember Nathalie.

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