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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

By Anna Galaktionov

Photo Credit to Leonardo Triana

Have you noticed the ever-increasing number of Teslas cruising on Miami roads? What about those other electric cars parked in Barry’s own lots? Maybe you yourself are an electric car owner or are considering becoming one.

With the popularity of electric cars growing, Barry University is currently installing four electric vehicle chargers that will be available for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Photo Credit to Leonardo Triana

Two of the chargers are located in parking spaces near Kelly House and the other two are in the south Landon Student Union parking lot.

According to Kenny Ma, Barry director of communications, the charging stations will be operational late this spring semester.

Julienn Cedeno, a senior applied sport & exercise performance psychology major, is one of many students who can’t wait for the stations to open.

“They are super convenient and, hopefully, they are up and running soon,” said Cedeno.

As of now, the Barry Department of Public Safety is developing policies that would govern the use of the stations. The university will formally announce the opening of the stations and the policies soon.

Use of the stations will be free of charge, and no additional parking permit will be required.

Photo Credit to Leonardo Triana

The electric car chargers will be maintained by the Facilities Management Team and FPL. Conclusively, a Tesla owner himself, Cedeno offers a word of encouragement.

“If you want to not worry about gas prices, and especially are looking to save money, EV’s are the way to go!”

Barry’s initiative in becoming greener by installing electric vehicle chargers may motivate many students to become electric car owners.

Who will be first in line to charge their electric car? Will it be you?

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