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From the Screen to Reality: The Friends Experience Opens

By Victoria Rivera

Photo Credit to Wikipedia

Every show has its expiration date, but its impact can last so much longer than its original run. From 1994 to 2004, the iconic American sitcom “Friends” had ten popular seasons that have remained beloved by new and old generations of fans to this day. Though the original set may have been permanently torn down, Miami fans have the chance to relive their favorite moments from the show today until March!

In light of Matthew Perry’s death, the FRIENDS Experience now acts as a loving homage to the beloved character and the actor who wished to be remembered for helping fellow addicts.

The FRIENDS Experience has opened in the Aventura Mall, transporting twelve iconic sets from the screen straight into reality. Organized closely with the original set designers from Warner Bros Entertainment and brought to life by Original X Production (OGX), the exhibit captures every detail, down to the spices in Monica’s kitchen cabinet. One can walk through Central Perk, recreate the show’s intro, and even reenact the classic “PIVOT!” scene.

It captures a nostalgic point in time where fans can reminisce over when “Friends” first made them laugh. Those looking for a trip down memory lane can even find solace in celebrated set pieces like Chandler and Joey’s recliners.

“The FRIENDS Experience invites fans to step inside the world of the iconic series, relive their favorite moments, and celebrate the show unlike ever before,” said CEO Stacy Moscatelli of OGX.

Photo Credit to Wikipedia

Dedicated and casual fans alike can enjoy the meticulously built sets in a detailed tour. The particularly attentive will be able to see many references scattered throughout, like the many different doodle boards that appeared in the actual show. From Ross’s “Science Boy” comics being framed to Phoebe’s music set, it’s all the little details that make it a truly immersive nostalgia trip.

The exhibit isn’t only a must-see for “Friends” fans; it also features other relics from the show’s development for industry buffs. Three of the original scripts for the show are kept in glass displays, showing how much the show transformed into its final state. Influential contributors to the show’s charm, such as costume designer Debra McGuire, are also given a touching homage. Faithful recreations of the cast’s main outfits are on display, with an entire shelf dedicated to solely Rachel’s memorable haircuts throughout the series.

With the extremely knowledgeable tour guides, you will become enraptured with the world of the sets by Warner Bros. They’re comparable to cheerful, walking encyclopedias brimming with equal parts knowledge and passion for the show. Die-hard enthusiasts can find comfort in knowing they’re surrounded by people who hold the same amount of love for the series.

Photo Credit to Wikipedia

Boasting the ability to help any fan relive parts of “Friends” history as an active participant, every meticulous set piece is in the name of “bringing you one step closer to your favorite characters.”

The FRIENDS Experience in Aventura Mall is now open to the public until March 24. If you or someone you love is a "Friends” fan, look on the official website,, for ticket availability. This experience can make for a great Thanksgiving shoot on Monica’s dining table or a Christmas present to recreate their holiday episodes.

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