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From Your Hometown to a New City: What’s it's Like to Study in Miami

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

By Ingrid Moreno

Photo Credit to Pexels

When you open your college acceptance letter, the excitement and eagerness of starting a new chapter is like no other. This rush of emotions is something both in-state and out-of-state students have at the start of their journey to Barry University.

While local students simply try to adjust to the rigor of a college education, students from other states must also adapt to a new location while studying.

Miami’s cultural diversity, nightlife, and beautiful beaches are appealing perks that sell many out-of-state students into studying here. Besides these noticeable factors, The Buccaneer set out to discover all the reasons why out-of-state students choose to study in Miami.

Isabella Tusa. Photo Credit to Amanda Gonzalez Garcia.

Isabella Tusa – Sophomore, Television Digital Media

“I think in my first year of college, I was able to adapt quickly because I made strong bonds with teammates who have had years of college experience already, which helped me a lot. The difference I saw was that I think in Chicago, the school was much more demanding than here. I can get easily distracted by the pleasant weather, but I know to take school first. I find Barry slightly similar to high school because of the size of classes, but it can be good and bad! I get to make many more connections with this. I think outside of school a person must be prepared for Miami. I have had experiences in the past and know that it can be very chaotic at times.”

Biagio DeFranco – Senior, Social Work

Biagio DeFranco. Photo Credit to Amanda Gonzalez Garcia.

“It was always my dream to move to South Florida. I love the weather, the people, and the scenery. In New York, I went to a community college which felt more like high school than a college experience. I noticed the difference immediately during my first semester at Barry. Barry is more of a community with fun events and plenty of amenities to keep students engaged and give them a real college experience. I was able to adapt to the Barry lifestyle very quickly because of this. Being a commuter student, I still make sure to make the most of my time on campus, especially during the winter when it is usually freezing in New York. Being able to do homework or study outside instead of being layered up freezing is a nice perk. Moving down to Florida to start my life and go to college was the best decision I have ever made.”

Reina Franco – Junior, Communications and Media Studies

Reina Franco. Photo Credit to Amanda Gonzalez Garcia.

“My first year of college was life-changing for me because I was not only moving away to college but also to a whole other state. It was different and scary for me because before I could not go a day or night without my mother. I first came out here with one of my best friends, Militza, from back home. Our friend group, who so happened to also be from Rhode Island and Boston, became my sense of family since we are all Hispanic and can relate to each culture.”

Although coming from other states might entail a bumpy adjustment period, the change is a positive one for many. Providing a sense of community and opportunities for career and personal growth, Barry offers a well-rounded college experience for any out-of-state students.

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