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Haiti Gang Kidnapped 17 American and Canadian Missionaries

Updated: Jan 8

By Anna Galaktionov

An armed Haitian gang kidnapped 17 American missionaries, consisting of seven women, five men, and five children, on Saturday, October 16.

The missionaries are affiliated with an organization based in Ohio called Christian Aid Ministries. They were on their way back after visiting an orphanage in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

When they arrived at the checkpoint, the gang abducted their bus and drove them to a house where they are currently being held hostage under a $17 million ransom, $1 million per person.

The U.S. has sent the FBI, State Department, and other agencies to negotiate with the gang leaders and is working hard to safely release the missionaries.

The gang, called 400 Mawozo, is considered one of the most powerful gangs in Haiti. It is known for its consistent brutal targeting and kidnapping of clerical groups.

Photo Credit to Pexels

Haiti is currently facing many kidnappings due to the nation’s turmoil after the assassination of their president and the earthquake.

The missionaries’ pastor said, “Pray that our workers could respond to hatred with Jesus’ love, overcome the spirit of fear with faith, and face violence with a genuine desire to bless their oppressors.”

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