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Holiday Firsts

By Mariajose Fernandez

Photo Credit to Pexels

The holidays are here! There are cold breezes, light cozy sweaters everywhere, and stores going all out for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And there’s already talk of what to eat for holiday dinner.

What makes the holidays is the company you keep and make memories. All the preparations, arrangements, and traditions bring people together for these touching moments amidst our crazy lives and their schedules.

This year, The Buccaneer brings you fun traditions you might want to add to your family festivities if you already don’t celebrate them.

Twelve grapes/Twelve wishes for New Year’s Eve

This is a Latin tradition where twelve grapes are eaten before midnight on New Year's Eve for good luck. Twelve grapes for twelve months for twelve opportunities to do something good in the next year. Twelve wishes to think about your goals and dreams. It is a great practice to align your goals and priorities.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a traditional game played among a group of friends and family, and to liven work get-togethers. It gets funnier and more dynamic when it is played between people you know well. In Secret Santa, members randomly choose someone to anonymously give a present to. Each member makes a wish list for your Secret Santa to pick from.

Family Holiday Vacation

Photo Credit to Pexels

Many families at this time of year decide to travel to a place to celebrate the holidays, often a vacation spot with an opposite climate than back home. This is an adventure that does not necessarily have to be a luxurious one. You can take a road trip to a small town nearby and simply go sightseeing with some hot chocolate in hand.

Caleb Tofer, a junior majoring in Television and Digital Media, said that one of their family traditions is to travel to South Carolina.

“I love going up there with the family. It’s a change of scenery; more quiet. I like the country more. I am more of a Southern kid than a South Florida kid. So, I’ll be there with the family,” he said.

Noche Buena Games

Photo Credit to Pexels

On Christmas Eve, apart from the dancing, karaoke, and family meals, games can be a fun activity for everybody of all ages. Up until the midnight hug, games like musical chairs, champagne pong, bingo, and the Latin version of bingo called lotería—or chalupa depending on where you’re from—are great additions to take a child’s mind off the presents.


This tradition is a Christmas carol procession of people led by a child dressed as an angel. With food, hot drinks, and piñatas, they sing to spread the real meaning of Christmas: love.

Get into the spirit of the holidays and make new memories!

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