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What's on Your Playlist?: Barry Students Share Their Spotify Wrapped

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

By Joyce Azonye

In 2020, Spotify, the popular music streaming app, launched a tool called Spotify Wrapped. This tool allowed music lovers to discover the artists and songs they listened to the most throughout the year. Spotify Wrapped offered listeners an insight into the diversity of their own playlists.

Freshman criminology major Courtney Zwikker shared her Spotify Wrapped album with The Buccaneer.

The artists on my playlists included Ruel, Rex Orange County, Conan Grey, Black Bear and Kyle--all pop artists,” said Zwikker.

Some of Zwikker’s most-played songs included “As Long as You Care” and “Real Thing“ by Ruel, and “Best Friend” by Rex Orange County.

Zwikker listened to these artists and songs daily, mostly in the summer when she would drive to work and volleyball practice.

“[This music] put me in a good mood and made me happy and eager to take on the day ahead of me,” said Zwikker.

Zwikker was happy to have Spotify Wrapped because she was able to reminisce on all of the music she listened to over the year.

So-nia Turk, a freshman general studies major, agreed.

Turk had many different artists appear on her Spotify Wrapped playlist, all from a variety of genres. Her most popular genres included pop, neo-soul, and alternative/indie.

Photo Credit to Wikimedia Commons

Harry Styles, Frank Ocean, Doja Cat, and Beach House were just a few of Turk’s most-listened to artists. For songs, she frequented “Mystery Lady,” by Don Toliver, “Hell N Back,” by Bakar, and “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” by Finneas. While Toliver is a non-genre-specific artist, Finneas and Toliver are both alternative/indie singers.

Turk enjoys this music because of both the melodies and the message in the lyrics.

“I like the rhythm of the songs,” said Turk. “Some of the songs have uplifting lyrics like ‘After the Storm’ by Kali Uchis and Tyler the Creator.”

Like Zwikker, Turk adds that this music helps uplift her energy while she gets ready for her day.

Isiah Greene, a freshman marketing major, had a different taste in music, which was revealed in his Spotify Wrapped playlist.

Photo Credit to Wikimedia Commons

“Some artists I listened to include, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Durk, Playboi Carti, Lil Baby and Gunna. These are rappers,” he said.

His favorite songs from these artists include “Sky” by Playboi Carti, “All in” by Lil Baby, “One Dance” by Drake and “Oh Okay” by Gunna.

Barry students believe that tools like Spotify Wrapped are useful in the music streaming world. They also believe that the diversity in their playlists is representative of Barry’s mission of inclusive community, as many students appear to be open to artists of different cultures and backgrounds.

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