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Women’s Flag Football: Take the Field

By Litzy Grijalba

Barry has once again expanded its sports program with the newest addition of the women’s first flag football team. This new inclusion offers students who are athletically talented the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete at a high level. Although the women’s flag football team is considered a club sport, Barry’s latest addition is bringing in the hype and enthusiasm to what is yet to come from women’s flag football!

“With women’s flag football there are not a lot of opportunities around. It is quite a new sport, it is not really recognized by the NCAA. The ultimate goal is to turn it into something down the line, that it would be considered athletics,” said Amanda Traynor, coordinator of intramural sports and club sports.

The women’s flag football team originated from the idea of Essence Nobles, a senior majoring in sports exercise science with a specialization in fitness. She also has taken on the role as captain and quarterback. Nobles has played flag football since the start of her freshman year of high school. When she got to college in 2020, women’s flag football was unheard of until her sophomore year, even then Barry had yet to be one of those schools to incorporate women’s flag football.

“I was actually the one who started it, not by myself, of course, but it was my idea and I brought it to my boss, Amanda Traynor, coordinator of intramural sports and club sports. She helped make my dreams into reality,” said Nobles.

With this being the team’s first season, it started off rocky in the coach search, but the team has undoubtedly overcome hurdles.

“It has been a long grind. I would not say it has been smooth, but we slowly but surely have been getting there. I love the way it is headed though. The sky's the limit for us,” said Roc Perry, head coach for the women’s flag football team.

Goals and aspirations have already been established for the women’s flag football team. Eager to accomplish them and continuum to looking forward, the girls are set for whatever is thrown at them. Their primary goal is to bring home a championship and gain more recognition and admiration.

“The team’s goal is to win a championship. To put the school on the map. A lot of people do not know Barry University has a women’s flag football team, so the ultimate goal is to win a championship. It is not all about wins and losses, but it is just being able to compete at a high level to show people we are here,” said Coach Perry.

The training regimen for the women’s flag football team is rigorous. It typically focuses on building strength, speed, agility, and football-specific skills. As an athlete in women’s flag football, mental preparation is just as significant as physical training. By investing in their mental preparation, it elevates their overall performance and unlock their full potential on the field.

“We start practice at 5 AM. Going over offense and defense perpetually. We do a lot of running. As well as getting our athletes mentally prepared to take on the field,” said Coach Perry.

Essence Nobles' tenure on the team will come to an end shortly as she is set to graduate, but she views the women's flag football team as a special chance to guide a fresh round of players and the beginning of something great at Barry.

“Hopefully we can be the team I know we can be soon and have a great season because it may be over for me since I graduate this semester. However, we are the start of something new at Barry and I just hope it is able to continue and be successful in the future as well,” said Nobles.

Support and wish the women's flag football team, our newest sports team, well on their upcoming seasons!

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