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Barry’s Most Bingeworthy

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

By Suzannah Young

Photo Credit to Pexels

If staying at home in quarantine gave us anything, it was the time to binge-watch. As summer begins and the pandemic continues, binge-watching all the latest shows will likely still be a popular pastime.

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video continue to release new series and movies, sometimes making it difficult to decide what to watch. To help Barry students make these decisions, The Buccaneer talked to some students to determine what they believe is most bingeworthy.

Gabriel Maysonet, a freshman studying criminal justice, is currently watching the 1990s series “A Different World” on Amazon Prime for the second time.

“[A Different World] is about a group of kids going through college, but it really follows two particular characters and the evolution of their love life through young adulthood,” Maysonet said.

“It’s actually a black sitcom, but I love it because it’s hilarious but also highly relatable and realistic.”

Another pick on Maysonet’s must-watch list is the series “Ragnerock” on Netflix. Maysonet describes how the show surrounds a “Thor-like-character” and would fall under a multitude of genres including science-fiction, action, Viking mythology, and superhero shows.

Showcasing his diverse watchlist, Maysonet also recommends “Outer Banks,” “The Reign,” and “Sherlock,” all of which are on Netflix. On Amazon Prime, he recommends “Friday Night Lights.”

Nicole Lentz, a sophomore studying photography, tends to lean toward heavy dramas or high crime genres.

One of her top picks is “Bridgerton,” one of Netflix’s most popular shows yet. Reaching more than 82 million views in the first month of its release, “Bridgerton” surpassed records held previously by the Netflix Original, “Lupin,” according to the streaming service.

“I literally watched ‘Bridgerton’ in two days,” Lentz said. “I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy it at first because the trailers just did not do it justice, but after my roommate started watching I figured I’d try it.”

“Bridgerton” is a steamy romance series that surrounds an elite family in a high class British Victorian society as they deal with debutantes, love, and scandal.

Lentz added that the trailer for “Bridgerton” portrays it more as a historical fiction show rather than the true drama that it is. She recommends it to everyone.

Another drama Lentz has been watching is “Life Sentence,” starring Lucy Hale from former FreeForm show, “Pretty Little Liars.” Hale plays the role of a young terminally ill woman who, upon finding her condition cured, must adjust to living a life longer than expected.

Lentz likes to move beyond drama, too, when she watches her crime shows. She watches “Hawaii Five-O,” “Magnum PI,” and “MacGyver,” all of which can be accessed through XFinity, a streaming service available to Barry students.

A newer show that Barry students love is “Ginny and Georgia,” recommended by sophomore communication major Renia Franco.

“I really enjoyed ‘Ginny and Georgia,’” Franco said. “I would consider it a teen drama with a focus on the mother-daughter relationship.”

“Ginny and Georgia,” released in late February, follows a fifteen-year-old girl and her mother as they navigate life in a new town whilst dealing with the secrets of their past. The Netflix original has been termed "the next ‘Gilmore Girls’” by Teen Vogue.

Lentz has “Ginny and Georgia” on her to-watch list. She is also anticipating upcoming releases of other shows.

“I also really want the second season of ‘Emily in Paris’ to come out soon,” Lentz said. “And I’ve heard that there’s going to be an ‘iCarly’ reboot, so I’m curious to see how that turns out.”

From futuristic sci-fi romance to Thor-like thrillers, many Barry students are counting down the days to summer break, if for nothing else than to catch up on all the latest new releases.

Graphic Credit to Melissa Manohar

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