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Barry Student launches Film Production Company

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

By Samantha Tobares

Barry student John Clinton decided to take his career into his own hands this January while creating a space for his peers to delve into personal projects in film through his new company, Working Arts Productions.

Like many college students, 19-year-old Miami native Clinton applied for internship after internship only to be rejected for an all too familiar reason: lack of experience. Instead of wallowing in the rejection, he decided to create his own opportunities in the field he’s passionate about.

“It’s all about who you know to get these internships and jobs,” Clinton stated. “I decided to make my own company to gain the experience I need for the future and give others the same chance to have these experiences.”

Working Arts Productions welcomes any passionate, creative individuals who wish to not only add to their portfolio but enjoy the experience while they do it. The company focuses on photography, videography, screenwriting, and more. Clinton insists the business is open to any fresh and new ideas that come its way.

Working Arts Productions has a platform on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube where Clinton gives updates on his current projects and takes requests from anyone that wants camerawork. He’s currently editing a documentary on a local band named Supergold which is set to premiere this summer. He also presented a sneak peek to a dark comedy short film that will begin production after the documentary premieres.

Photo Credit to Pexels

“I see us making films that are creative and unique to each person who is given the chance to write and produce their own film,” said Clinton.

You can find the company as @workingartsproductions on Instagram and @workingartspro1 on Twitter.


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