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Candle Company for the Environment

By Kaylin Donovan

Candles are an essential room decoration in households and on top of it all, they give off amazing scents that fill the entire room. How could something like that become any better? What if there was a business that was environmentally conscious and gave back to the environment?

Photo Credit to Savvy Candle Company

Omi Vazquez is the creator of Savvy Candle Company based in Miami, Florida, who supplies luxurious, hand-made candles, oils, and wax melts while giving back to nature by using clean, sustainable ingredients and products, and contributing to help plant a tree for every order received.

Beginning in the heart of the pandemic, Vasquez was diagnosed with extreme anxiety due to her schoolwork in her senior year at college. She needed a release to cope with this. This was where her journey began in the candle making practice.

Savvy Candle Company distributes handmade products and each ingredient is carefully researched so that it is environmentally safe.

“A candle requires more than putting materials together, you have to do a lot of testing,” said Vasquez.

Every product shown on her website is handmade and carefully tested. All candles are made with biodegradable soybean wax and wicks are cotton and lead-free to be as sustainable and safe as possible for the environment.

Her business is partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization which vows to plant a tree with every purchase made.

“I know I can’t save the world, but I want do something where people are encouraged to do more and learn more. Even if it’s 1% of people that want to learn more, that’s worth it to me,” she said.

Vasquez’s end goal is to open up a store front that not only sells her products, but she also wants to open up a workshop that allows customers to make their own candles with her natural, sustainable ingredients.


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