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BarryU Night with the Marlins

By Anna Galaktionov

Barry University students, faculty, alumni, and staff had an amazing night cheering on the Miami Marlins as they took on the St. Louis Cardinals at the LoanDepot Park on Thursday, April 21.

The Marlins organized this thrilling annual BarryU Night, encouraging Barry Buccaneers to come and show off their pride at the game with a special rate for tickets. With such a low price and such a stunning team, the turnout from BarryU was astounding.

Before the game, President Mike Allen and a few Barry students were officially recognized on the field, the Marlins expressing their gratefulness for their contributions and support.

The audience boost from the large BarryU fanbase most definitely played a huge role in the Marlins winning the game 5-0.

Overall, Barry students enjoyed an exciting game with the Marlins and are looking forward to the next BarryU Night.

Photography Credit to Jimmy Muniz Jr.

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