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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By Diana Morose

Graphic Credit to Andrea Zambrano

Another chapter of your life is soon coming to a close. The 2023 commencement ceremonies will take place between April 29 and May 6. Be sure to check the Barry University website for the specific time of your School or College’s ceremony.

According to a survey of 68 Barry students conducted by The Buccaneer, 72% of students feel prepared to graduate.

No matter if you are graduating this year or if it is another couple of years down the road, you can never be too prepared for graduation. Here are five steps to make things easier.

1. Petition/Apply for Graduation

First, to get ready for graduation, you must apply for it before the deadline. Talk to your advisor to make sure that you have achieved all the necessary credits and get the ball rolling. After receiving permission from your advisor, make sure to register for a Barry University Degree on Web Advisor. The deadline to apply for graduation for Spring 2023 was January 20.

Photo Credit to Emma James

2. Plan For Your Future

Now that you are about to graduate, what is next? Do you plan to immediately join the workforce or get an internship? Do you hope to instead take a break and travel around the world? No matter what path you choose, plan a bit ahead so you can just jump straight in. Make an appointment with the Barry Career Center this month by emailing

3. Try to Get Outstanding Work Done Ahead of Time

Balancing schoolwork and graduation can be tricky. The end of the semester will become incredibly hectic trying to balance things on top of having to study for exams. Getting some of the homework done ahead of time will lessen the burden on you and give you one less thing to stress about in those last few weeks of your college career.

Graphic Credit to Andrea Zambrano

4. Plan for the Ceremony

The time has finally come for you to actually walk across the stage and graduate. Plan accordingly for how you want the day to go. Let the important people in your life know of your academic achievement so that they can celebrate alongside you. It’s also important to get your outfit ready. Make sure to have your cap and gown ready so any photos you plan to take will come out picture perfect. You are making a memory. So, if it’s a professional photo shoot at the Barry sign on the Campus Lawn in front of Cor Jesu Chapel or it’s a cell phone photo shoot after the ceremony, snag your photos! You’ll want to remember this day.

5. Enjoy Your Last Semester

Photo Credit to Pexels

While dealing with all the upcoming deadlines or double-checking your future plans, do not forget to enjoy your last semester. Try going to an event that is being held or attending a sports game with your friends. It can be extremely easy to get caught up in all the obligations and become mentally exhausted, but make sure to take the time to create some long-lasting memories so that you look fondly back on your senior year.

Preparing for graduation should not be stressful. Hopefully, these tips are helpful in calming your nerves and you get to fully enjoy the experience of starting a new chapter in your life.

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