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By Alyssa Diaz

Photo Photo Credit to Amanda Gonzalez Garcia

The moment has come for seniors to take the graduation photos they have been waiting to take all semester. Yes, you are allowed to take pictures on the official graduation day, it’s strongly recommended. Yet this is a memory that seniors treasure forever and each family would adore securing that perfectly posed picture.

After successfully managing classes, studying, endless hours working on internships, in clubs and organizations, and other responsibilities for the last four years, you have more than deserved the opportunity to enjoy your upcoming graduation with a personal photo session.

Photo Credit to Barry University

Seniors on campus will be spotted smiling for graduation pictures with their caps and gowns around this time, anxious to document their unique college experience on camera.

“It’s a big accomplishment that I was able to fulfill, and I will be considered the first in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree so these pictures will be memorable. I definitely feel that all seniors deserve to take graduation pictures,” said communications and media studies major Reina Franco.

But what are the best spots to take them around campus?

Barry offers numerous best-in-class settings for the most memorable photographs. However, a lot relies on your major. If you are a communication major, you might wish to take a photo in front of a camera or at our radio station. You want an image with a stethoscope or scrubs if your major is in the medical field. A picture of you holding books in your hands would be perfect for education majors.

The best aesthetic relies on the accessories and background you desire to reflect who you are and who you want to be.

Photo Credit to Amanda Gonzalez Garcia

The large red "Barry" lettering on the campus mall is the must- have graduation photo. You can stand next to the letters and feel like the model you are. The large staircase in front of the Andreas School of Business is another great location. You can stand in the middle and look fantastic in that outfit you have in mind or pose against the railings.

Photo Credit to Amanda Gonzalez Garcia

“Advice I would give to those who will be or are considering taking their graduation pictures are that just be yourself and confident. We’ve been waiting 4 years for this moment so own it. I do suggest wearing something that will possibly relate to your profession or maybe a nice suit,” said Franco.

There are good open areas in the Fine Arts Quadrangle with great lighting under the palm trees by the mosaic tables, underneath the tents adjacent to Thompson Hall, and, of course, in front of our beautiful Cor Jesu Chapel. There are also two statues of St. Dominic at the Quad and Mary in front of Garner Hall. The staircase in the McDonnell School of Social Work has a lot of pictures and paintings on it, making for a visually appealing image.

Depending on how many outfits and set-ups you desire, many photographers provide bundles. Spend some time exploring the campus and choosing what suits you. Plan the time of day the photos are shot for the greatest effects. Given the unpredictable Miami's weather, the earlier the better. It takes patience and research to find the right photographer to schedule in your budget, but it will be rewarding in the end.

“Graduating from college is a mixture of emotions for me. I am so proud of where I have come from, but I know my journey is only the begin- ning. I hope to document these final moments as we all should. It’s moments like this we will look back on and smile, laugh, and cry,” said Shanieya Harris, who is majoring in Spanish with a specialization in language and literature.

Photo Credit to Barry University

As you embark on the next phase of your life's journey, your graduation images should be enjoyed as an emotional remembrance of its rewarding experiences. You might not realize it but planning a graduation photo shoot suggests that you have a good outlook on life after college.

Taking graduation photographs can help you look ahead to what the future has in store beyond graduation instead of fearing the large question mark that follows it.

Jennie Iudice, a social work major, said it best.

“I think it’s a perfect way to capture the moment and be able to revisit this exciting time for those who wish to. I wish every senior graduating good luck in the next chapter of their life and to enjoy the results of their dedication.”

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