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Leadership and Success at Barry

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

By Amanda Gonzalez Garcia

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way - John C. Maxwell

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is a national collegiate organization that changes student lives by helping them achieve personal growth, career success, and empower[ing] them to have a positive impact in their communities. Founded in 2001 by professional speaker and entrepreneur Gary Tuerack, the organization was built on the purpose of helping students reach their full potential in college and beyond. In order for his new organization to be successful, Tuerack knew it had to have a consistent and lasting impact on all students.

In September of 2001, students came together in college auditoriums all across the country to watch award-winning speakers in the first ever live broadcast from the NSLS.

Beginning with approximately 131 members on 16 campuses, the organization’s benefits for students and schools began to speak for themselves.

Through a growing network and recommendations from students, the NSLS became an honor society for ambitious students with an earnest yearning to make a difference and create a better future for themselves.

Today, the NSLS is headquartered in Miami and is the nation’s largest leadership honor society with over 1.5 million students on 700 campuses.

Barry joined the NSLS in 2009, and currently has 1,988 members.

Photo Credit to Pexels

In order to join the NSLS, students must meet certain GPA and academic standards. Invitations to become a member of this prestigious organization are sent to those who meet the 2.8 minimum GPA requirement and have completed at least one semester as a student.

Once both these requirements have been met, students will receive an invitation via email or postal mail. There is a one-time fee of $95 to join the organization.

Liz Calvo, junior in forensic psychology, is the current president of Barry’s NSLS chapter.

Calvo was appointed as president during the summer, and since then has been working on getting more students involved and adding to Barry’s foundation of the NSLS.

“I see the NSLS as a place that helps students grow as they learn new skills and meet people. I see [my position] as my contribution to helping my fellow peers," Calvo said.

The NSLS executive board consists of Barry students who are looking to expand their network and have a special passion for leadership.

Photo Credit to Pexels

As president, Calvo encourages those who are invited to take the special opportunity and join this organization.

Barry University and NSLS alumna Keiannaalannah Steele speaks very highly of the NSLS.

“The NSLS is an honor society that gives prospective and current members the ability to network, gain the tools for personal and professional success, and get wonderful interactive experiences that last a lifetime,” said Steele.

Wanting to do more to inspire others and help her peers on their journey to success, Steele eventually joined the executive board of the NSLS.

“The NSLS provided recommendation letters, scholarship opportunities and more to lead me to grad school and a promotion at work," said Steele.

Additionally, master's in public administration student, Ja-Pheth Butler-Miller, joined the NSLS the junior year of his undergraduate studies. Serving on the executive board as Success Networking Team Coordinator is an experience that was very special for Butler-Miller.

“During that time, I got to see other promising students and future world leaders like myself discover their passions and continue their work to achieve lifelong goals,” said Butler-Miller.

Senior majoring in Early Childhood Education, Najaz’ Williams, served as secretary of the NSLS in spring of 2022.

“The main thing I want other students to know about the NSLS is that to achieve, and reach higher goals, just be yourself and believe that you can make it through anything,” Williams said.

Photo Credit to Pexels

Once a member of the NSLS, students have access to a variety of beneficial tools including a job bank, resume builder, certifications, partner discounts and more.

“We offer trainings and seminars that will not only teach students to be leaders, but will also help them plan for their future, measure their goals, and network with their communities,” said Calvo.

Stay up to date with the NSLS on Instagram @thensls and @barryu_NSLS.

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