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Manikwa Hair Care Offers Alternative to Beauty Shelf Products

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

By Jeremiah Jamison

When Jaida Bennett discovered that women of color found it difficult to match their hair with the right beauty shelf products, she created Manikwa Hair Care — her own Miami-based brand of hair products that aims to keep natural hair healthy, moisturized, and shiny.

Bennett became tired of spending extreme amounts of money on products that promised to saturate her hair in rich oils and butters, but they never delivered.

“I had more products than I had shoes, and as a fashion forward woman, I have enough shoes to put a shoe outlet store to shame,” she said.

It sparked the idea of creating her own hair products and starting the business.

Manikwa Hair Care brings an assortment of hair care products that deliver healthy, moisturized, shining hair without the use of chemicals and ingredients that cannot be pronounced.

“Every ingredient I use is pure, which gives your hair the best chance of flourishing to its potential,” she said.

Manikwa Hair Care aims to help its curl friends from all walks of life get healthy, moisturized, shiny hair because “everyone deserves to have healthy hair without the use of chemicals and ingredients,” said Bennett.

Manikwa Hair Care continues to provide for all women in the journey of growing clean and natural hair.

Manikwa Hair Care ships across Miami and the tri-county region, pushing for a new age of hair care products. Manikwa Hair Care, LLC can be found on their website and their own Instagram page.


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