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My Best Spring Break Ever

By Mariajose Fernandez

Photo Credit to Wix Media

As our winter fades away, spring has pleasantly come along. The sun is brighter, we all have a little more energy, life is beautiful, and the only thing we care about is spending time with loved ones. As Miamians, the beach is your best ally. Going on strange adventures with a tan on your skin and colorful swimsuits. Miami’s a special place but others love to discover new places.

As students, spring break is one of the most anticipated times of the year.

The Buccaneer interviewed juniors and seniors about their best spring break experiences while studying at Barry. Here we give you some spring break ideas for your break during March 4-8.


Photo Credit to Wix Media

Whether it’s Tulum, Cancun, Mexico City or Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is one of many favorite destinations of many people to vacation. Mexico is a very colorful country rich in culture and filled kind and friendly people.

“What I liked most about Mexico were the beaches, you can do whatever you want. There are a variety of prices that you can have fun and do everything according to your budget without exceeding. The food is amazing. It is a once in a lifetime experience,” said Juan Wulf, a senior majoring in applied sports and exercise science.

Miami & Key Biscayne

Photo Credit to Unsplash

Miami is the hot spot of all the spring breakers. if you want to have a crazy experience of clubbing, eternal beach days, happy hours on rooftop bars, and meet-cutes with people from all around the world in just one night, you might as well stay local.

“I’ve spent my happiest and craziest times on the past spring break nights. The truth is, you make the perfect place, when you are enjoying the company of your friends,” said Carla Davila, a Sports Psychology graduate student.

Key Biscayne is also a destination just as fun and beautiful to spend your spring break is in. It’s a charming island town that entices tourists with its unspoiled beaches, natural beauty, and laid-back vibe. Key Biscayne is well-known for its gorgeous Crandon Park Beach, a sanctuary of smooth sand and glistening waves that provides the ideal escape for travelers looking for a mix of action and leisure.


Photo Credit to Unsplash

A city well-known for its enchanted ambiance and exuberant vitality presents a captivating fusion of topnotch entertainment, exhilarating attractions, and plenty of sunshine. It’s the home of Universal Studios and numerous theme parks perfect for a spring break full of thrilling experiences and priceless memories.

“The parks are my favorite part of Orlando. It is a much quieter city than Miami, but this city brings out your inner child. And it makes everything blissful, you forget your problems and you dedicate yourself to enjoying yourself. When you go to the park it feels magical, it makes you remember your childhood,” said Patty Mayorca a graduate sports psychology student.

Leaving aside the destinations where you are going to spend spring break, be sure to create unforgettable memories. These early ones stay and accompany you during this beautiful journey in life.


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