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Nerdy PCs Business attract New Gaming Enthusiasts

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

By Jada Mohammed

During the quarantine of summer 2020, Angel Acuna decided to follow his dreams and drop out of school to create a company specializing in personalized technology that he runs out of his home.

Acuna graduated high school with the class of 2017 and, like most of his other classmates, immediately enrolled in college. He began attending classes in the fall of 2017 with the hopes of graduating and becoming a teacher.

As the semesters went on, he found himself struggling to find classes that interested him. During the COVID-19 lock down, when classes were temporarily suspended, Acuna realized that school was holding him back from doing what he was passionate about.

He began reaching out to friends and family who were now working from home and in need of computers that worked just as efficiently as the ones in the offices.

Photo Credit to Pexels

“Quarantine created a need for faster and better computers, so it was the perfect time to start providing them,” said Acuna.

Acuna was also able to tap into the gaming market because regular computers were not ideal for gaming experiences. This was where Nerdy PCs found its niche.

“A little adjustment to a computer can greatly improve someone’s experience,” said Acuna. “It’s all about knowing what the client needs and personalizing their machine to meet those needs.”

Following his dreams ended up paying off, literally, for a young entrepreneur searching for his purpose.

Photo Credit to Pexels


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