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The Picnic Biz is Booming: College Student Capitalizes on Outdoor Parties

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

By Kaylin Donovan

Picnics are definitely something you envision for either a date or just a fun activity to do with friends. The not so fun part? The setting up and the cleaning up. This is typically the factor that makes people not want a picnic since there is more time spent setting up and cleaning up than enjoying it.

Krystal Leyva, an undergraduate student at Florida International University, recently opened her own pop-up picnic business based in South Florida that supplies everything you could possibly need for a picnic.

While struggling to find a job that is flexible enough for her busy school schedule, she took matters into her own hands and started up her picnic business.

Her social media page shows the options of three different picnic packages to choose from as well as different themes. These packages include a variety of food, pillows and blankets, dining ware, beverages, games, and flower arrangements. She also supplies a list of add-ons that the customers may want for additional purchases.

“It makes picnics more convenient because there’s so many little factors that people do not like doing,” said Leyva.

Graphic Credit to Made With Mematic

Leyva launched her business at the beginning of February and has already been quite successful in her events. While she is aware they were already other pop-up picnic businesses in the area, she said her main differentiator is that her prices are more affordable than other businesses doing the same thing.

“I wanted to be able to still provide a luxury experience while making it more affordable than the other businesses,” said Leyva.

Leyva’s page gives recommendations for picnic locations, but she also gives the option of letting customers choose the location they want, whether it be a park, beach, or even the backyard of their own home.

While being a one-woman show, she still manages to give an unforgettable experience for her customers.

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