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What’s in your Amazon Carts?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

By Jessica Espinoza

Photo Credit to Pexels

As busy college students, it is always easier to shop online, especially if you consider yourself a homebody. If you are an internet shopper, there are probably some items you would recommend, or some that you will never buy again.

Still, three Barry students agreed Amazon was their most used online shopping site. The company has reliable return policies and benefits like Amazon Prime, where quick delivery is always guaranteed.

Here are some of their favorite items and why:

Tamia Leslie, a senior graphic design major says her favorite items to shop regularly for are tea tree oils, planners, workout clothes, and phone cases.

Graphic Design Credit to Willima Nguyen

She says she enjoys online shopping because “[it] is an easier route to take when you do not have time to go to the store or you simply don’t feel like it. Also, you have a higher chance of finding the product you’re looking for online, rather than in stores.”

Her top-rated items are:

- Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

- Stainless Steel Earrings

- Cadmus workout clothes

Her worst rated fall within items like:

Graphic Design Credit to Willima Nguyen

- Dove Body Soap

- Black Charcoal Face Masks

- Blue light glasses

“The blue light glasses I chose weren't good quality and, on the lenses, there was a circle pattern for closer vision which I didn't need,” said Leslie.

Janyce Conde, a senior in graphic design, also does much of her shopping on Amazon. She frequently buys items like art supplies, books, hair care products, and accessories.

Like Leslie, she likes the convenience of online shopping.

Graphic Design Credit to Willima Nguyen

“I don’t have to go out and drive to a crowded store and wait in line,” said Conde.

“Sure, I’d have to wait a bit for the item to get to me, but I enjoy being in the comfort of my home with still the option to go shopping.”

Her top-rated items are:

- Takeya Insolated Water Bottle with Star Lid

- Gel Highlighters

- Fave4 Hairstyling Cream

The worst items she bought were:

Graphic Design Credit to Willima Nguyen

- Massage Shampoo Brush

- Cleaning Gel for laptops and keyboards

- Goldens Fluid Matte Medium

“I didn’t notice any difference in my hair after using it, the brush felt more gimmicky than useful,” Conde said. But when it came to the hairstyling cream, she loved its effectiveness, “[it] helps with the speed of the drying process when my hair is wet.”

“[It] would be cheaper to make slime,” she said, expressing her discomfort with the cleaning gel she ordered.

Senior pre-law major Dacia Ochoa has her Amazon wish list full of electronic essentials, books, and small gadgets.

Graphic Design Credit to Willima Nguyen

“Online shopping is a guilty pleasure for me. It is retail therapy. I love it!” she said.

Her top-rated items are:

- Tethys Glass Screen Protector

- Laptop Protector Set: Sleeve, Case, Screen Protector

- Eccolo Dayna Lee Spiral Agenda Planner

- Air Pods Pro Silicon Case (set of 6)

The worst things she has bought are:

- R. Vivimos Satin Dress

- Mr. Pen Eraser Refi ll, Pack of 12

- 64 oz. Leakproof Drinking Water Bottle with Motivational Time Marker

“I like the Tethys Glass Screen Protector because it’s affordable and it protects my screen’s phone better than any protector I have used,” Ochoa said.

“Mosiso offers a series of designs and selections for laptops. I love collecting the colors and accessorizing my laptop,” she added, in praise for the laptop set.

On the other hand, when it came down to the items she did not like Ochoa said, “The satin dresses were made with poor quality, and they aren’t friendly for all sizes.”

She also wants buyers to be wary of water bottles like the one she bought. “The water bottle broke the first time that I filled it with water,” she said.

Nothing is more helpful than hearing reviews from buyers before pressing “Place Order”. After these reviews from Barry’s very own student body, maybe you will consider some updates to your shopping cart.

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