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What’s Your Year End Goal?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

By MariaJose Fernandez

Photo Credit to Pexels

This 2022 has been the year of rollercoasters, a year of growth, challenges and a lot of learning. Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner, and we are two months away from the year end.

Life is beautiful and we must enjoy it despite all the difficulties and distractions. Reaching for happiness will help you thrive along the way. Creating healthier habits and prioritizing your well-being helps in the development of various aspects of your life.

The Buccaneer asked some Barry students what their major goal was to accomplish before 2022 ends.

Willima Nguyen, a junior majoring in public relations and advertising.

“My goal for the end of this year is to be a better person and take care of the people around me, so we end happily on this year. It has been a crazy year, so hopefully I can make some money.”

Yanilda Pichardo, a junior majoring in public relations and advertising.

“I didn’t like feeling unproductive and unhealthy, so now I’m starting to prioritize myself. Now I am slowly waking up earlier, working out, eating healthier food, and managing my time better. The process takes some time to get used to, so by the time it is the new year I’ve already accomplished one goal. Then it is on to the next.”

Photo Credit to Pexels

Angel Rodriguez, a junior majoring in international business.

“My goal to accomplish before this year is to get physically (170 pounds) and mentally ready for 2023, so I can start off the new year ready.”

Nicolas Villalobos, a freshman majoring in business.

“I am in the soccer team of Barry University and my goal for this year is obviously to win the trophy, win with my teammates, and as a freshman, I would love to win freshmen of the year.”

Samuel Vilmeau, a senior majoring in sports and exercise science.

“I need to end the semester with another 4.0.”

Kevin Holliday, a senior majoring in communications and media studies.

Photo Credit to Pexels

“A goal I would like to accomplish at the end of this year is to really become secure. Being happy overall from self-love to my career.”

Adren Roberts, a freshman majoring in international business.

“I just think my personal goal this year is just to really mature as a person, because I am a freshman and just finding those things that interest me. I think it is just important to find yourself and know your path.”

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