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Why You Should Visit the Career Development Center

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

By Anna Galaktionov

Photo Credit to Pexels

“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire” - St. Catherine of Siena.

This is the quote that hangs boldly on the front wall of the Career Development Center at Barry University.

The Career Development Center helps Barry students find their calling in life and live out that calling at their future workplace.

Director of the Career Development Center John Moriarty has been helping students do just that for over 17 years. He explained that the center operates in three phases.

During the first phase “Discover: Who Am I?” specialized career counselors help students determine their goals, values, and dreams in life. Instead of immediately suggesting a major, the counselors work with each student individually to bring to light the personal interests, skills, and talents that could make a difference in this world, whether it be a small or large difference.

Only after discussing and working through these foundational aspirations do the counselors suggest a major or minor that would help each student accomplish his/her goals.

As Eleanor Chappell, a career counselor at the center said, “You don’t need to have everything figured out to come to us.”

Photo Credit to Pexels

She reiterated that it may seem like everyone else has their career planned out, but this is untrue. There is no need to be embarrassed or shy to visit the center.

Moreover, what makes the Career Development Center at Barry different from most other career centers across various universities is that each student is assigned to a counselor who is specialized in the educational sphere the student is interested in. There is no need to repeat oneself to ten different people. Every student has one counselor who is open and excited to work with him/her.

Ayanna Young, another career counselor at the center, said, “Seeing students is the best part of our day!”

The second phase called “Explore: What are My Options?” is when students have already discovered their calling and the major or minor they would like to pursue and are ready to roam their future workplace.

During this phase, the counselors help the students find internships, clubs, organizations, job shadowing opportunities, networking venues, alumni connections, and informational interviews with professionals within their desired field.

Photo Credit to Barry University

Students get the chance to explore and experience their prospective workplace.

“Embark: What is My Legacy?” is the third phase during which students are nearing graduation and are ready to step into their field to begin leaving their legacy. Counselors at the center help students perfect their resume, write their cover letter, find referrals, land interviews, and ultimately, get hired! Counselors may even call a potential employer on behalf of the student.

The counselors at the Career Development Center welcome students at any of the above stages. “We will meet you where you are,” Chappell said.

Graphic Credit to Barry University

Whether you are struggling to find a job, not sure if you want to continue in your current major, or are lost at what you want to do in general, the approachable, talented, and passionate counselors at the center will be happy to help you!

Schedule an appointment via Handshake, call (305) 899-4010, walk in at Landon 205, or stay tuned for events hosted by the center at @barryucareer on all social media platforms.

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