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By MariaJose Fernandez

Graduate, Graphic Designer Student, Vincent Buonadonna. Photo credit to Andrea Zambrano.

This fall, a fully functioning student-run advertising agency has opened its doors here at Barry. The Barry Ad Agency now helps students discover and promote their creativity in the advertising and marketing world.

Emmie Vazquez, the assistant vice president of marketing at Barry alongside the marketing department, started this project in January with a team of around five to six work study students. Now with a more solid team of 32 members, they officially launched the agency in August, welcoming anyone who would like to be part of the team.

The purpose of the project is to provide hands on experiential learning experiences while students co-create amazing marketing campaigns for the Barry University community.

“The goal is that the students come here, they gain all this real-world experience doing these projects, and then they’ll be able to go and get hired by any company with this amazing background that they’ll get from the agency,” said Mary Elizabeth Allen, the director of the Barry Ad Agency.

As a member of the agency, students are able to learn and work in different areas: graphic design, copywriting, coming up with strategies for a campaign and doing the research to establish it. All of the agency’s coordinating gears will enrich the student with valuable skills to benefit them along their professional journey. It is a student-powered ad agency where everything created has a student voice going into the design and the strategy.

“This agency is filled with spirited, like-minded creatives. What’s great about it is that not every single person that works for the agency is a designer. Some of us are marketers, some of us are in business or finance, even nursing students,” said Dyck Dorlean, a senior majoring in graphic design.

Creative minds stay true to their work by saying no idea is a bad idea and following through.

Photo Credit to Andrea Zambrano

“It’s a friendly workspace and everyone can bring something here as a group. So far, it has got me very creative and has pushed me out of my comfort zone,” said Kaylan Cruz, a freshman nursing major.

One of the key mindsets the agency has inspired in students is to think big. Anything can be transformed into a creative visual message with a unique appeal.

"If you're a student who loves to be creative or if you're a student who really is wanting to gain real world experience this place is for you,” Allen said. “We have fun creating all our stuff. So, it's a great way to interact with the Barry campus and Barry students. But as well, it's a gain that you're putting your hands on real lifework experience. If you're interested, we would love to have you be a part of our team.”

To join the agency, check out @barryadcompany on Instagram or email Mary Elizabeth Allen at for more information.

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