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Updated: Dec 5, 2023

By Astride Adrien

Over the years, many students have stated that despite being one of the smaller institutions in the U.S., Barry is an amazing university with the best set of loving and caring professors. Based on an Instagram poll this fall, here is the official Buccaneer list of the most loved and least loved professors.

Most Favorite Professors

Dr. Laura Finley. Photo credit to Leonardo Triana.

Dr. Laura Finley, professor of sociology and criminology, is a well-loved professor on Barry’s campus because of how down-to-earth she is and how thoroughly she explains her lessons.

“It’s my favorite class this semester. She talks about real-world issues in a way that is easy to digest,” said Crystal Carbonell, a sophomore theater major. “She’s super understanding and wants everyone to pass.”

Since students have commented that Finley does a tremendous job at making sure the entire class is on the same page, it is no surprise that the actual Rate My Professors website has given her a rate of 4.7 out of 5, with students as far back as 2018 corroborating on her “sweet and outgoing personality.” She makes no mistake in being thorough in her lectures so that students have a full grasp of the material.

Dr. Sarah Riva, assistant professor of history, and Dr. Everett Neasman, associate professor of English, were highly rated on this fall’s Instagram poll as well.

Dr. Sarah Riva. Photo credit to Leonardo Triana.

“What made Professor Riva my favorite is she’s always understanding with her students and truly cares about their learning,” said Melanie Cabo, a senior pre-law student. “One thing I’ve learned from taking her class is the history behind where we are now. It’s crazy to think how just a couple hundred years ago we were nowhere as nearly developed as we are now, reminding me that things always change, eventually for the better.”

Just like Riva and Finley, Neasman also makes it his priority that his students are given the tools to succeed in his discipline - English.

“What I love about Neasman is that he always has a super great story, everything is a life lesson,” said Carbonell. “I’m not even taking his class anymore and still sent him over an essay to proofread. He will always be there for you.”

Elena Maria Garcia, assistant professor of theatre, was voted No. 1 most favorite professor on campus via The Buccaneer’s fall Instagram poll.

Isadora Iglesias, a sophomore theatre major, believes it’s because of her willingness to help students in need.

Professor Elena Maria Garcia. Photo credit to LinkedIn.

“García is not only like a teacher but a mentor as well. I took Acting 123, and Improv with her. She enjoys what she does and is honest,” said Iglesias. “García’s classes taught me how to be a better actress and improve my skills.”

Additionally, some students love and favor Professor Elena Garcia because of how open, fun and goofy her persona makes them feel.

“Elena is my advisor as well as my professor, so I see her a lot. She’s fun and really knows her craft, her whole demeanor stood out to me. She's not just a good teacher, but also fun to be around. I feel super at ease in her classes,” said Anne LaMont, a sophomore theatre major. “One thing I've learned from her is that sometimes you have to disregard that little voice in your head that second guess your ideas, and just go for it.”

Since Garcia manages to pull students in with her kind and vibrant energy, it is not surprising that Chrystepher Lopez, another sophomore theatre major, believes that her genuine care for education and her ability to teach real-world and industry skills makes Garcia stand out from the pack.

Least Favorite Professors

One of Barry’s least favorite professors is Manuel Ernesto Acosta, an adjunct professor of mathematics and statistics consultant.

“Professor Acosta has been my least favorite,” said Anne LaMont, a sophomore theater major. “He just seemed unhappy to be there. He also did that thing where he tried to use shame to motivate us, but it didn't work.”

Another professor that is least favored at Barry, according to our Instagram poll, is Dr. Seth Bramson. While storytelling can be a very engaging and impactful factor during a lecture, it can also become unsuccessful and a form of distraction. A student, who wishes to remain anonymous, detested his constant use of sidetracking.

In fact, this information was corroborated by students on the Rate My Professors site who have given him a rating of 3.4 out of 5. They thought that he rambled a lot about his past and is repetitive about his pet peeves. Students also made comments about how he made it his personal goal to outwardly criticize people's mistakes.

Based on these findings on both the rockstar and lowlight professors, students should seek to register for spring classes as quickly as possible. We all know which professors’ classes are most likely to fill up fast!

LTR Bottom Row: Anne LaMont, Chrystepher Lopez, Elena Maria Garcia, Isadora Iglesias, Crystal Carbonell. LTR Second Row: Veronica Ospina, Liam Bouza, Kayori Hanna, Jessica Calle, Brianna Pierre, Nehemiah Reid. LTR Top Row: Janell Campbell, Gabriel Maysonet Jr., Jayden Bryan. Photo credit to Leonardo Triana.

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